April 3 - April 21, 2017


Kat Buckley (curator)


There is an inherent relationship between handmade books which are sewn using fibers, sometimes on chords, and the sewing of garments. In addition to this extrinsic relationship, paper is itself a fiber. Text/ile examines the history of imparting information through fabric in artists' books, as well as different paper manufacturing techniques.

In addition to its educational mission and focus on the materials and craft of the book, this exhibition asks what happens to artwork when a facilitator's presence is needed to activate it. Text/ile encourages viewers to think critically of the role of facilitators in public interactions with contemporary art, and asks what the absence of facilitators would mean when they are tied to the presence of the artwork.


This exhibition takes place at both the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection (37 S. Wabash, Suite 508) and the Stolbun Collection (30 North Michigan, Suite 1515).

Special viewing sessions were held at the Stolbun Collection on: Mondays from 12pm - 2pm, Tuesdays from 10am - 12pm, and Thursdays from 2pm - 4pm.

Curator and book artist Kat Buckley will be on-site at the Stolbun Collection to assist in book handling and questions regarding different bookmaking techniques. The books displayed on each date will vary, but every batch will be displayed in the Stolbun alongside Thomas Huston's Standard Moving Blankets to enable a conversation around the usage of fibers in contemporary art.

During the remainder of the exhibition's run, the books can be found and interacted with at the Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection Reading Room (Sharp 508). The JFABC is open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to experience the exhibition at both sites, if possible.

Table Of Contents

Touch, Felecia Sheldon, 106.4

Gluckháus, Jenny Craig, 113.49

Binding Analysis: Double Bind, Heather Weston, 118.95

Spiritual Scroll, Emma Amos, 3800.7

The Walls Are No Longer a Defense, Aimee Lee, 96.74

Mourning Stitches, Gabrielle Pescador, z15.10

Quipou, Christine Kermaire, z21.25 (storage)

Untitled, Chiara Keeling-Gonzalez, 94.7

Uniform Paper, Heidi Neilson, 118.80

The Secret Diary, Dyne Lee, RA 102.9

5 Year Plan, z15.11


Lunchtime Listening: "Between stations: sound collages for Sonic Fabric" by Alyce Santoro 63.8

Sonic Fabric is an audible textile woven from 50% recorded, repurposed audiocasette tape and 50% colored thread. The tape used in the weaving process is recorded with audio collages. All of the tracks contained on this CD were composed by layering, looping original collected, found, and homemade sounds and music to create a literal "sonic fabric."


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