Visualizing Queer Heresies


Visualizing Queer Heresies


April 4 - April 21, 2017


Kevin Whiteneir (curator)


Visualizing Queer Heresies brings together visual works and ephemera surrounding the themes of witchcraft, queerness, and the disruption of indigenous spiritualities as a result of European colonization. The exhibition showcases works that excavate and envision the ways in which witchcraft and magic intersect with queer experiences. In doing so, it makes visible the enshrouded powers of the queer heretic.

Table Of Contents

La Segunda Conquista, Pauly Ramirez Parra, 85.14

III, Lorna Simpson, RA 1.197

Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics, Heresies Collective, inc., RA 2.593

Historia De Una Vivienda Para Hacer Ofrenda Al Santo Tecuil, Alfonso García Tellez, 29.37

Afrosurreal Manifesto : Black Is The New Black : a 21st century manifesto, D. Scot Miller. ABR PS3613.I535 A 35 2012

Visionaire. No. 60. Religion, C1.40

Black Sun : Alchemy, Diaspora And Heterotopia, Shezad Dawood, ABR N8251.S6 D39 2013

Beautiful Book, Jack Smith, 7.44

Sha•man, Sanna Charles, z200.5

The Salivation Army Black Book, Scott Treleaven, 118.60

The Tarot Universal Dalí, Salvador Dali, 5800.4

On Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures (and other secret-flix of Cinemaroc),J Hoberman, 117.19

Tiny Evils, Cory Feder, RA 1.276

Portable Mayan Altar: Pocket Books of Mayan Spells, z22.4

Incantations by Mayan Women, z22.5

Hanuman Books, Jack Smith Issue 128.34

Knowledge of the World, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, z1.6

An Interview of Jack Smith by Sylvère Lotringer, Jack Smith, z100.55

How to Have a Queer Witches’ Sabbath, Kevin Whiteneir and Daniel Beck

Radical Faerie, billboard submission by Douglas Stapleton from the project Your Message Here by Randolph Street Gallery, Randolph Street Gallery Archives


Queer Heretics: Witches’ Sabbath, a performance and feast, took place in conjunction with the exhibition on April 12th, 2017 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm in the MacLean Ballroom.

The event included a choreographed dance performed by Kevin Whiteneir, Freddie Lambright, and Ythan Ponio. How to Have a Queer Witches' Sabbath, a zine written by Kevin Whiteneir and illustrated by Daniel Beck was at the performance as a take-away.

Lunchtime listening: Techno-meditation

sha•man is an art object made in collaboration between photographer Sanna Charles and musician Mark Wagner (S&M). It features a book of duotone and 4 color process photos of landscapes, nature, and man-made totems by Charles and a 10” vinyl record of improvised acoustic music by S&M. 

Hard Drives for Days is a 7” vinyl record of electronic and acoustic tracks meditating on astral and corporeal bodies. It was developed in collaboration between Michael Stickrod & Michel Auder and released in conjunction with the exhibition Deep Welds.




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