New Moon


New Moon


4/04/2015 - 4/25/2015


Paige Johnston (curator)


New Moon developed out of a personal interest in the cycles of the moon and the effects (real or symbolic) that it has on the planet, body, and mind. The New Moon--the time of the month when the moon passes in between the earth and the sun and appears black from earth's vantage--is a night of darkness. Symbolically it represents a time for embracing the unknown, reflecting on what one's purpose is, and setting intentions or making goals/wishes for the future.

Table Of Contents

Luna Ieporello, Nathalie Brans, 9.5

Book of Dust: the Beginning and the End of Time and Thereafter, Agnes Denes, RA 2.552

Call Ampersand Response, Michael Dumontier, 112.19

A Partial Eclipse, Martin Boyce, 89.65

Tranquility Base, Heidi Neilson, 99.12
Tide, Ann Holyoke Lehmann, 115.16

A Wet Seed Wild, Lilli Carré, 89.35

O : A Prayer Book, Samuel Hasler, 19.35

Sculptures of the Mind, Agnes Denes, 115.31

Ray, Susanne Kriemann, 3.66
Ludic Interventions, Suzanne Maura Silver, 111.9

Self-portraits in "mirror # 1", Jonathan Horowitz, 4300.6

Studies for Possible Futures, Maggie Groat, 90.41

Past Lives, Amy Gerstler, 128.54

From [to], Peter Downsbrough, 90.44

Reflection, Helen Douglas, 102.38

Grapefruit : A Book of Instructions + Drawings, Yoko Ono, 102.70

Now Then : A Performance, Ida Applebroog, 34.16

Emerge, Scripps College Press, 56.12

Refresh, Kristin Lucas, 90.28

I Can Do Anything: A Performance, Ida Applebroog, 33.16

Part One, Robin Waart, 100.9

Broken Manual, Alec Soth, RA 2.471

Language in the Darkness of the World Through Inverse Images, DominiqueHurth, 3.37

For the Blind Man in the Dark Room Looking for the Black Cat that isn’t There, Anthony Huberman, ABR N6496 .S7 F67 2009



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