Talking Points Satellite Library


Talking Points Satellite Library


October 17 - November 11, 2016


Emily Fenn (curator)


This Satellite Library corresponds with the Student Union Galleries' "Talking Points" exhibition. Additional publications are on view in the LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery alongside the exhibition.

Using the urgency of the current US presidential election as impetus and entry, the "Talking Points" Satellite Library attempts to provide a constellation of our political reality with attention on the complexities of what is at stake for various populations. This selection of works from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection was curated in response to work from the exhibiting artists by Emily Fenn (BAVCS 2017).

*Inspired by the De Nue Satellite Library curated by Janelle Miller (BFA 2017), Flaxman Library Special Collections will host a series of Satellite Libraries curated by members of the SAIC community in conjunction with exhibitions and events around campus. These curated selections will be available on our flat file in the Special Collections Reading Room (Sharp 508) during open hours. Unlike our exhibitions, Satellite Libraries will be available for handling and close inspection during the course of their run.

Table Of Contents

Student Union Gallery Reading Table

ID Sniper, Jakob S. Boeskov, 2.85

Sanctus Sonorensis, Philip Zimmermann, 4800.5

So Blue So Blue: Edges of the Mediterranean, Ad Van Denderen, 109.18

Bloom Journal: Queer Fiction, Art, Poetry & More, 109.79 (Storage)

Sorry, Cathy Busby, 118.98

Political Art Movement…, Don Celender, 108.23

Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, Temporary Services, 2600.22


Satellite Library (Reading Room Flat File)

Call for applications!, Syrian Association for Cultural Support, 131.99

The Manifesti of Radical Literature, Anne Elizabeth Moore, 100.95

Children Don’t Count Project, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., 100.29 (Storage)

No One is Born Complete, Jarad Solomon, 22.14

The Speech Writer, Bani Abidi, 4700.15

You Haven't Seen Their Faces, Daniel Mayrit, 79.17

Practice/Anthology, 3rd Language, 10.5

The people. Egypt's 2011 revolution and beyond, Laura El-Tantawy, 5.44

Artists' Work Classification, Alison Gerber, 10.15

Between Artists: Walid Raad & Silvia Kolbowski, 105.61 (Storage)

The Rumors of the World, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, 12.31

100 Actions for Chicago Torture Justice, Lucky Pierre, 60.17

Domesticated Site: Contested Terrain, Kathy Constantinides, 118.5

Keep Your Eye on The Wall: Palestinian Landscapes, 4900.6

I Might Die Before I Get a Rifle, Walid Raad, 2900.11

Thoughts on meaningless political action, LTTR, 2400.7

Kicking the pigeon: parts 1-9, Jamie Kalven, Zine 3.18

Atlas of radical cartography, 42.1

Silent passage, José Resendiz, 13.44

Necessary disclosures, Sarah Peters, Z6.6

Remake of a video, Simon Senn, 1.16

White elephant, Lauren Alexander, 99.18

Black transparency: the right to know in the age of mass surveillance, Metahaven, 119.13

Al-Assad campaign, Damascus 2008, Tim Smyth, 1500.7

Chiraq and its Meaning(s), Temporary Services, 102.87

Cultural Reproducers, Temporary Services, 102.87

Three Movements: a conversation about living with Fukushima, Marianna Maruyama, 123.2

http://…, Padraig Robinson and Daniel Frota, 99.21




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