Bound Liminalities


Bound Liminalities


August 24 - September 17, 2010


Paige K. Johnston (curator)


Books by nature established borders. In the line between covers and pages; in the demarcation of author and reader; between the narrative in print and the one inscribed in the mind; between life and its representation, the conditions of these borders, of what lies on the inside and outside of a book, appear well defined.

Bound Liminalities examines artists' books as distinct sites for rethinking the boundaries of interiority and exteriority in printed objects. The works on view complicate this relationship. 

Through considerations of materiality and content, they ask: What happens when the familiar structuring of inside and outside is inverted or confused? Can real-life experiences of shifting liminalities be embodied within the space of the artist's book? How do books exploit or explode their own conventions? 

The artists' books and ephemera on view in Bound Liminalities engage these questions using various methods: structural manipulations; documentation of performance; storytelling; architectural interventions. They present a field of possibilities that invite the viewer to expand his or her understanding of the limits of this self-contained form. 

Bound Liminalities seeks to cast aside rigid conceptions of the book, blurring the lines between its interior and exterior and transforming it into an infinitely flexible body. 

This exhibition was curated by Paige K. Johnson as a complement to the upcoming release of her publication Motherwell Vol. II "Outside-In/Inside-Out."


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