hybridentities / Only Half Re-mem-bered


hybridentities / Only Half Re-mem-bered


December 2010


Marie Johnson & K Vencil (curators)



This exhibition aims to explore the complex hybridity of the human soul through the examination of personal and public identities. Using the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, hybridentities draws together disparate artistic works, which represent fragmented aspects of identity. Some of these aspects of identity include: the tangible, such as the body and clothing; the intangible, such as name, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation; and the in-between (aspects which are arguable both tangible and intangible), such as gender, ethnicity, and race.

While some of the works broach the subject of identity quite literally, others play with ideas of the soul and fragmentation on more subtle, abstract manners. Through this exhibition, viewers should come away with a clearer understanding of the ways that private and public realms create hybridity by affecting the expression and perception of identity. Concentrating these complex relationships relating to human identity, we invite viewers to examine the ways in which the artistic works, too, have _____ identities, which contribute to the construction of a complete ____ identity. 

Table Of Contents

Only Half Re-mem-bered

Memory, Fact
, Jinsoo Seo, 58.95
This Site of Memory: Audrey Munson, Andrea Geyer, 62.20 
Memory Lapse, Clifton Meador, 94.62 
Settling (map), Amanda Repo Taiwo Thomson, 110.10
Begin Again, Lane Hall, 94.50 
Remember, Elizabeth Smith, RA 1.140
Memory loss, Scott McCarney, 1900.14 
La Vie Impossible, Christian Boltanski


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