May 1 - June 28, 2012


F.A.D.E. dissects traditional concepts of time through the exploration of artists’ books, diverse media and other experimental art practices. This exhibition weaves together the concepts of the anachronistic journey of political activism and feminism with the temporal notions of historiography and investment of community. Reflecting the myriad meanings of time, we invite you to apply your own personal interpretations:



To waste time; to act foolishly. To footle is to use up time, never mind productivity, responsibilities or deadlines. It is enjoying or wasting the moment and losing your sense of time. The book selections in f.a.d.e. are meant to do just that. Drawing you into peculiar moments; some are moments of contemplation while others are mere distractions. The sense of time fades from your mind as you are engulfed in contemplating something else.



Literally before the Deluge. Yes, the implications are just that distasteful. To be antediluvian is to be outmoded, obsolete, primeval and it means to flaunt that dissention; to rebel against the plodding relentless march of time; to be the sharp toothed progenitor of revolution.



Dimensions of space and time exist in our minds. Reflecting about alternate universes, the outer space and the elusive “4th dimension”. It is where spatial and temporal dimensions collide.



A distinguished moment in time, a memorable date, the beginning of some new era or the most important era in your life – how do you see it? What happened? What were you thinking about? Did you recognize the magnitude of the event? The date? Did you document it? Do you care? The passage of time creeps by us. We stop to think about it and it’s gone. 


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