Library Mixtape: Faculty Edition


Library Mixtape: Faculty Edition


September 17 - October 17, 2013


SAIC Faculty (curators)


Mixtapes are inherently revealing. In the mixture of genres, moods, and messages, they compose a portrait of their creator in the specific moment of the mixtape's creation. With all of the revelatory possibilities that this implies, Library Mixtape: Faculty Edition brings together faculty members from across various departments at SAIC and asks them to make a "playlist" of titles from both the Flaxman Library and Flaxman Special Collections. In compiling their choices, the exhibition asks: What's currently inspiring our faculty? What messages do they send with their choices? What can we tell about a person by what he or she is reading?


Participating faculty:
  • Brian Anderson
  • Claire Ashley
  • Mark Booth
  • Gregg Bordowitz
  • Rebecca Duclos with Alyssa Moxley
  • Werner Hertereich
  • Mark Jeffery
  • Bruce Jenkins
  • Eric Lebofsky
  • Eric Leonardson
  • Terry Myers
  • Richard Rezac
  • Monica Ryan
  • Molly Scranton
  • Kenny Smilovitch
  • Tristan D'estree Sterk
  • Lisa Vinebaum
  • Anne Wilson
  • Lisa Wainwright
  • and more




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