Child's Play: The Intersection of Artists' Books and Children's Books


Child's Play: The Intersection of Artists' Books and Children's Books


June 11 - August 15, 2014


Krissy Wilson (curator)


Artists’ books have long taken cues from the forms of children’s books. The items in this exhibition emulate textbooks, notebooks, and workbooks re-approach alphabet books and coloring books, reproduce childhood games and toys, and alter existing children’s books. An encounter with nostalgia and a good dose of shock-factor await visitors in this selection of pop-up books, flash cards, and stickers, View-masters, Etch-a-Sketches and Legos, puzzles and paddleballs.

Table Of Contents

Children's Forms

Automobile Accidents: A Coloring Book, Oli Watt, 1.47

A Good Girl, a Bad Girl : A Tale in Two Parts, Lori Christmastree, 3.15

The Adult-Child Abecedarium, Paté Conaway, 3.43

How to Talk About Art, Miriam Shenitzer, 4.40

Composition Française, Didier Trenet, 7.76

The Pencil Picture Dictionary, Jenny R. Snider, 18.3

Lost and Found in the Garden of Wild Birds and Grasses, 18.64

Micah Lexier: A Number of Things About Art, Measurement and Counting, 28.23

Adult Coloring Book, Heather McAdams, 33.8

Ruckus Rodeo, Red Grooms, 35.3 (Storage)

The Organic Zucchini, Thomas Henrickson, 35.6 (Storage)

Rebecca and Rosie Make Their Mark (RnR), 42.20

Disasters of War: A Coloring Book, Oli Watt, 69.1

Arcadian Gliders, Ian Hamilton Finley, 71.13 (Storage)

[Ho+Go]2=It, Ruth Laxson, 73.7

A Bee Sees, Keith Smith, 77.3

Hereinspaziert!: ein typografischer cirkus in zwölf bildern, Klaus Raasch, 82.83

Learn to Draw. Vol. 1, John Lurie, 89.22

Baggage, Samuil Marshak, 89.26 (Storage)

Old Phrases New Ideas: Materials for a Possible Colouring Book, Géza Perneczky, 93.38

How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic, Ariel Dorfman, 94.9

Reading Dick and Jane With Me, Clarissa Sligh, 99.10

Numbers, Margaret McKenna, 107.25

A Child’s Machiavelli: a Primer on Power, Claudia Hart, 109.21/.22

A child’s Machiavelli, Claudia Hart, 109.22

Color Me In, Rebecca Schoenecker, 113.8

Evidence of Living, Robin Bernat, 113.44

O, Laura Evonne Steinman, 114.19

Dick’s One Hundred Amusements, William B. Dick, RA 1.299

Animals of the Ocean: in a particular the giant squid, 116.65

Girls Are Not Chicks: Coloring Book, Jacinta Bunnell, 117.46

Supplementary Materials for Organic Chemistry, 118.43

The Lennards: An Upper-Middle Class Social History, Youngwook (Jamie) Nam, 118.79

The ABC Hate Book, Lisa Day, 119.92

Big Stand Up Emperor Doll, Sally Alatalo, 121.70

Only Child, Ricardo Bloch, 126.37

The Botanist’s Keepsak, Johnathan Ward, 130.40

Baby Marx, Pedro Reyes, 131.69

Button Book, Hannah Jennings, 1800.6

Contemporary Art Appreciation 101, Earl Bronsteen, 5800.7

The Secret Diary, Dyne Lee, RA 1.209

Alphabet 1, Ronald King, Z14.17

Cheval/Chevaux, Zine 3.9

The Totally Socially Unacceptable Alphabet, Zine 5.19

Writing Lessons, Jacob Ristau, 2400.3

Visionaire, No. 55, Surprise, C1.33

ABCs of International Markets of Flesh, subRosa (Cyberfeminist group), RA 2.128

Guerrilla Girls Art Museum Activity Book, Guerrilla Girls’ Art Museum Activity Book, RA 2.223

High School, Michael Snow, RA 2.190

subRosa’s Biotech Sex & Gender Ed Workbook, subRosa (Cyberfeminist group), RA 2.403

The World is Round, Gertrude Stein, RA 1.210

Sample Book, Janine Antoni, RA 1.191

Flash Cards, Barbara Bloom, RA 1.237

Billy Rabbit: An American Adaptation, Ann Tyler, RA 3.172


Titten & Fritten GmbH, 3.21

Etch-A-Sketch, Susan Roberts, 52.12

Building Postcards, Arabella Campbell, 69.18 (Storage)

Behind My Own Disguise, Karen Holden, 83.7

Performance Artist Paper Doll, Joshua Sofaer, 96.64

Vzduch Volume, Se Eun Lee, 107.74

Magnetic Poems, Matthew Stolte, 107.53

The Go-Go Girl Holiday Paper Doll, Claire Dolan, 127.26

FUEL, Janna Van Hasselt, Z11.10

V&A Steamworks, Guy Himber, Z18.6

Poor, Poor Rabbit, Sarah Koziol, Z20.24 (Storage)

Boobs / Drinks, Shannon Gerard, Z22.9

Behold A Sacred Voice is Calling: a Journey to Inner Peace, Beth Remus, Z22.27

Denken, Ja: Tiegel & Tumult No. 16, Z23.17

59¢ Life: A Book Disguised as a Game, Judy Levy, 3400.9

Dulce Rey, Edward H. Hutchins, 3800.2

Scoops, Edward Hutchins, 3800.4

Visionaire. No. 24, Light. C1.1

Visionaire. No. 26, Fantasy.C1.13

Visionaire. No. 45, More toys. C1.21

Visionaire. No. 50, Artist toys. C1.27

Birthday Party for Everything, Barbara Bloom, Z507.7

Shift 7, Z3.5

Peter Norton Family Christmas Project 2003, Robert Lazzarini, Z12.13

Peter Norton Family Christmas Project 1992, Yinka Shonibare, Z12.16

Peter Norton Family Christmas Project 2000, Takashi Murikami, Z13.10

Untitled, David Wilson, Z22.29

Incomplete Repair Kit, Arin Han, RA 1.175

Sticker Nation. Vol. 1: the Big Book of Subversive Stickers, Srini Kumar, ABR/REF PN6269.A2 K8 2006

Children's Art/Language

First Words, Liliane Lijn, 7.57

Dictated Drawing, Mark Manders, 8.26

Gedichteerde Tekeningen, Mark Manders, 13.27

North True South Free: A Collaborative Writing Project, Goat Island (Performance group), 18.82

Some Early Toys by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Janet Boulton, 42.3

Child as Audience: the Subversion and Reverse Engineering of the Nintendo GameBoy, Critical Art Ensemble, 42.66

Pages from a Child’s Documentary, Kesa Thomas, 82.13

Inner City Light, David Castillo, 113.34

The Book of Questions: Questions Asked by Children Aged 3-5 Years, Alec Finlay, 114.51

Early Photographs, Nancy Linn, 126.48

Wonderkids, RA 2.355


Phobia Mania, Liana Jegers, 80.32

Red, Mark Addison Smith, 105.70

This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record, Susannah Felts, 110.31

Diary of a Prime-Time Crier, Susan Baker, 115.6

Sticky Crawler, Amy Ashlstrom, Zine 7.93

True Tales, Bill, Zine 5.18

The Book of Hair, Joni Lee Mabe, Z1.4

The Squirrel Mother Stories, Megan Kelso, 116.30

Beth Handland’s Fugue: A Family in 3 Parts, Beth Hetland, Zine 8.37


The Fir-Tree, Lilli Carré, 22.13

Tales of Woodsman Pete, Lilli Carré, 58.94

Bill’s Adventure in the Hole in Reality, Gary Piattoni, 74.5

Crinch, Crunch, Wronk and Troount!, Kristen Romaniszak, 102.85

Mexico City Primer, G.R. Martin, 103.9  (Storage)

Walt Disney Productions, Bertrand Lavier, 103.42

Bill and Bat’s Concepts in Reality Fun Book, Gary Piattoni, 104.2 (Storage)

Meet the Art Students, Les Coleman, 113.9

This is a Paper Trinket for You to Wear, David Shrigley, 118.18

Murder Can Be Fun, John Marr, Zine 6.55

The Pet Trilogy : how to care for your canary : how to care for your pet lobster : general pet theory, Deschamps, 102.51

Fatt Family in a Fiat, Susan Baker, Zine 2.56

Iba and His Mom Go Walking, Salif Keita, Zine 2.72

I Hate Mom’s Cat, Corinne Mucha, Zine 2.73

Junior Varsity Dangerous Sports Club, Zine 3.14

Mark’s Little Book About Kinder Eggs, Mark Pawson, Zine 3.54

Slumber Party Games, Zine 4.61


Table Head, Nicola Schwartz, 7.29

Mouth Open, Teeth Showing, Zoe Leonard, 11.93

Babies of Illinois, Celia Jordan, 95.5 (Storage)

School, Howard Seth Miller, 105.5 (Storage)

West/Ost, Christian Boltanski, 115.72

Le Club Mickey, Christian Boltanski, 116.5

Berliner Kindheit, Aura Rosenberg, 1300.20

Pinatas, Yasmin, Zine 4.12

Album, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Z22.20

Favorite Objects, Christian Boltanski, RA 1.170

Activism/Children's Rights

67 Children Murdered in Chicagoland in 1994, Jr. Amos Paul Kennedy, 11.36

Niños = Children, Marcus Lyon, 49.1

Accidents Happen Sometimes, Penelope Goodfriend, 61.1 (Storage)

Life is Else (Where?), Natalie Schonfeld, 94.91

Children Don’t Count Project, Jr. Amos Paul Kennedy, 100.29 (Storage)

Runaway Girls, Adorée Dunn, 110.16

Monster, Ronald Jones, 122.50


Tension: A Book About Family Relationships, Fred Bacher, 5.11

Daughters Without Mothers: testimony song, Lee Sharkey, 43.13

Madonna + Child, Nancy Linn, 124.82

Mom Leaves Baby on Bus, Nancy Bless, 3200.2

Post-Partum Document, Mary Kelly, RA 2.460

How to Surprise a Child, Woo-Ri Kim, Z23.18


Directions: Take…, Tina Ward, 58.96

Deep Fried Book, Drew Luan Matott, Z23.10

The Boy and the Bird, Emmett Williams, 1700.11

The Lego Poem, Kyung Min Lee, Z23.5

Exhibition Catalogs

From Aardvark to Zebra : animals in art : children’s exhibition : 1999 - 2000, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, c1999, ABR N7662 .F76 1999

Pop-Up Books for Adults and Other Children : 10 July - 10 September 1992, Hemingway Western Studies Center, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho / [exhibition curated, catalog commentary, and exhibit chair by Tom Trusky, ABR Z1033.T68 P67 1992


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