SAIC Alumni Showcase


SAIC Alumni Showcase


August 18 - September 27, 2014


Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection


In anticipation of Alumni Weekend (September 18th – 21st) Flaxman Library Special Collections presents works by SAIC alumni from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection. Committed to showing all forms of artists’ publications on an international scale, the Joan Flasch also collects work by SAIC students, alumni, faculty and staff. These works make up an important part of our collection, and continue to inspire current students, as well as visitors from around the world. At SAIC, artists’ publishing spans across many different departments, including Visual Communication, Printmedia, Fiber and Material Studies, Writing, Performance, Painting and Drawing, Photography, and more. If you would like to see more work by SAIC alumni, visit the Special Collections Reading Room, Sharp 508.

Table Of Contents

Incomplete Repair Kit, Arin Han, MFA 2012, RA 1.175

Remember, Elizabeth Smith, MFA 2009, RA 1.140

Reminders: Lost & Found, Abigail Marguerite Dreier, BFA 2012, RA 1.255

Apparition Recorder, Heejin Kim, MFA 2008, Z20.12

Frankly Speaking, Heejin Kim, MFA 2008, Z20.14

Conflicts, Heejin Kim, MFA 2008, Z20.11

Their Story, Heejin Kim, MFA 2008, Z20.15 

Writing Lessons, Jacob Ristau, MFA 2005, 2400.3 

Vs., Kim Jackson DeBord, MFA 2008, 116.21 

Chlorophyll, Katie Shlon, BFA 2015, 4100.4 

Red, Mark Addison Smith, MFA 2008, 105.70 

No. 1 : homocardia, Mark Addison Smith, MFA 2008, 105.71 

Owls of North America, Andria Niedzielski, BFA 2009, RA 1.177 

Fuel, Janna Van Hasselt, MFA 2014, Z11.10 

Swell, Lilli Carré, BFA 2006, 58.47

Deep Sea Diving, Lilli Carré, BFA 2006, 58.97

My Dreams Have Been Quite Strange Lately, Lilli Carré, BFA 2006, 101.37

Scraping Chunks from the Roof of My Skull (2000-1999), Brendan DeVallance,  BFA 1982, 3.87 

Dense Thought, Chih-ling Wang, MFA 2002, RA 2.196

Eyes Shut, Isabella Rotman, BFA 2013, RA Zine 4.109

Tip if the Iceberg, Laura Szumowski, BFA 2006, 102.16

The Anatomy of Nesmith Arms, Michael A. Nesmith, MFA 2010, RA 1.192

I am the space where I am [home system], Moon-Kyung Park, MFA 2010, Z22.25 

The Secret Diary, Dyne Lee, BFA 2012, RA 1.209 

Love and Other Troubles, Ingrid B. Olson, BFA 2010, 96.72

Surviving Weimar: Look Book, Carole Frances Lung, MFA 2007, 114.46

Liminal: film stills from a forgotten science fiction classic, Eric Lebofsky, MFA 2004, 3000.10 

Frozen, Sungwoo Suh, MFA 2011, 3000.9 

Apt 308, Chih-ling Wang, MFA 2002, RA 1.307 

Book Design: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, Mingxuan Li, BFA 2009, 123.96

Proof, From an Exhibition held at Gallery X, 118.29





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