BOOTH: Look here, knocking


BOOTH: Look here, knocking


November 17 - December 5, 2014


Eve Kalugin & Sherae Rimpsey (curators)


This exhibition is deeply invested in the poetics of sound and visual taxonomy. Our curatorial approach engages and intervenes, in dialogue with the works presented here to extend a heightened perusal cum dispersal of a poetics unfettered by canonical etiquette.

Table Of Contents

Shuffle, Christian Marclay, 102.49 (Storage)

Tuna, Marcus Lyon, 5300.7

What is it, and how is it done, Crispin Glover, 7.63 

Things don’t always fall into place, Janet Zweig, 1.9

Will happiness find me?, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, 11.21

Splitting, Gordon Matta-Clark, RA 2.285

There’s no business, Charles Bukowski, RA 2.588

Think/leap/re-think/fall, Vito Acconci, RA 2.123

The Refusal of time, William Kentridge, 128.89 

Of Walking in Ice: Munich - Paris, Werner Herzog, 95.95

Werner Mannaers: cahier de brouillons, Werner Mannaers, 2400.18

Öyvind Fahlström on the air : manipulating the world : Birds in Sweden, the Holy Torsten Nilsson, pictures & manuscripts, Teddy Hultberg, 2400.8

A story of deception, Patagonien 2003-2006, Francis Alys, 113.31

I...sleeping, Stan Brakhage, 119.6

Berlin Years, Marcel Dzama, 5.80

The End, Anders Nilsen, 80.14

Types, Laylah Ali, 62.25

Bisous, Magnus Irvin, Z22.12

No, it is, William Kentridge, Z13.14

What would your shadow do?” Goat Island, 18.30

It’s an earthquake in my heart: a reading companion, Goat Island, 128.94

Black utopia, Cauleen Smith, Z100.31

Air Condition, Allan Kaprow, RA 2.582

The El Saturn Research Library, Cauleen Smith, 25.23

What Henry Miller said and why it is important, Bern Porter, 3500.4

Mud book: how to make pies and cakes, John Cage, 2.73

One, two and more, Ulfert Wilke, 2900.28

Copley Buch, Dieter Roth, RA 1.111

Video-architecture-television, Dan Graham, RA 2.523

This is an example of that, John Baldessari, RA 3.159

Rirkrit Tiravanija: a retrospective (tomorrow is another fine day), Rirkrit Tiravanija, 5700.2

Variations on a natural theme for orchestra, Dick Higgins, 1100.12

Grapefruit, Yoko Ono, 102.70

On the slates, Clark Coolidge, Z1.1

Art Calls (paul mccarthy; cd), 5.61

Sol LeWitt, Sol LeWitt, RA 2.423

Baldessari sings LeWitt, John Baldessari, 100.88

Shift 7 (pillow from box; did not use videotapes that were also in box), Z3.5





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