FluxFest!: "Kiss" A Mail Art Exhibition


FluxFest!: "Kiss" A Mail Art Exhibition


February 1 - February 18, 2015


Keith Buchholz (curator)


The Kiss Show - full of mail art kisses from around the world - opened on Valentine's Day 1991 at the Mexic-Arte Museum of Art in Austin, Texas. The show was hung with the mail art stapled to red ribbons that fluttered around the room. The opening was full of people who were new to mail art. Honoria Starbuck, the curator of the "KISS" show 1988 - 92 and a mail artist herself, had collected the work starting in 1988 by sending small invitations enclosed in the mail art she sent out. Several hundreds pieces including poems and quotes were exhibited.

In early October 2014, Keith A. Buchholz, the curator of this exhibition, received a message from Starbuck regarding some mail art works that she was looking to place. The works had been stored since 1991, the remnants of the exhibition "KISS" that Starbuck had assembled between 1988 and 1991. As a mail art archivist and curator, Buchholz jumped at the chance to care for historic materials. Filtering through the box of mail art, she found most of the works still attached to their original hanging ribbons, which reminded her of making Red AIDS ribbons in the early 90's. This led her to think about how much our perception of how simple an act as a kiss has changed in this 25 years of so, and of the political ramification of the "KISS" show in a time of such crisis, in a time when many people still thought that a simple kiss could spread AIDS.

"I hope the re-envisioning of this show brings you, the viewer, a feeling of the anxiety of its time, an awareness of the strength of a connected network, and its bravery to address what at the time was such a charged appeal for the simple beauty of a Kiss." (Keith A. Buchholz, Curator / Archivist)

Note: This is a modified extract from Keith A. Buchholz's exhibition essay,"Kiss" A Mailart Exhibition, for the archival purpose. Please refer to the exhibition handout PDF to access the original version.


Sponsored in part by DCASE, The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events


A list of represented artists in the exhibition

Note: The artists are listed under their claimed nationality as they were recorded in the exhibition handout. The list is not in any particular order. It has been generated for the sole purpose of digital archive. 

  • Edgardo Vigo

  • Libby Hart

  • Guy Bleus
  • Lucien Suel

  • Candida de Godoy
  • Paolo Bruscky

  • Kaiso Koivisto

  • Baudhuin Simon
  • Daniel Daligand

  • Hartmut Graf

  • Bruno Capatti
  • Oronzo Liuzzi
  • Ruggero Maggi
  • Anna Boschii
  • Francesco Cornello
  • Fabic Casagrande
  • Antonio Amato
  • Stefano Meneghetti
  • Antonio Sassu
  • Attilio Fortini
  • Franco Santini
  • Stefano Sbietti
  • Bruno Pollacci
  • Piermario Ciani
  • Ennio Pauluzzi
  • Alberto Rizzi
  • Giovanni Strada
  • Gianni Caverni & Harvey
  • Lancilotto Bellini
  • Virolo Lomano
  • Solamito Luigino
  • Alberto Castelli
  • Luciano Olivato
  • Virice Sarolo
  • Allesandro Ceccotto
  • Ennio Pauluzzi
  • Saval
  • Arte Naturale
  • Roberto Calabro
  • Enrico Aresu
  • Vittorio Baccelli
  • Matteo Cagnola
  • Mario de filippis
  • Raimondo Del Prete
  • Marcello Diotavelli
  • Attilio Fortini
  • Stefano Meneghetti
  • Franco Peri Pocardi
  • Fablo Sassi
  • Shigeru Nakayama
  • Reika Yamamoto
  • Mayumi Handa

Lithuania, USSR
  • Jonas Nekrasius
  • Amir Witt

  • Dawn Redwood
  • Nigel Cooke
  • Stephen Hoare
  • John Furnival
  • Michael Lumb

  • K Symczak
  • Art-No-Domain
  • Vlado Njaradi
  • Alexandra Jakabhazi
  • Stu Biscos
  • Ivana Pernjakovic

  • Arte Ala Carte
  • Picasso Gaglione
  • Anne Marie Boyleston
  • Mary Manning
  • Connie Craig
  • Amber
  • John Held, Jr.
  • Alice Time
  • Roslyn Stendahl
  • Monica Langlois
  • State of Being
  • Batchic 
  • Reed Altemus
  • Liz Gasper
  • Honoria Starbuck
  • Erin Leigh
  • Gerard Barbot
  • Ken Holder
  • Kevin
  • Leavenworth Jackson
  • Over There
  • Sally Miracle
  • Gillian Camning
  • Beatrice Diaz
  • Cyndi Fox
  • Nick Johnson
  • Chris Maingot
  • Trixie Triceratops
  • Thickliquid
  • Laurie Elkin
  • Stacey Smith 
  • Daken
  • Vivian Queveau
  • Randy Tuggle
  • A. Foster
  • Dorothy Patrick Haris
  • Bern Porter
  • Fools Paradise - Sakolsky
  • Dana
  • David Pratt
  • Carroll Brooks
  • Hoagart
  • Johnny Tostada
  • J.M. Valdes
  • Dr. Delinquient
  • Susan Forthman
  • Li Wei
  • Karen Poling
  • Amy Cox
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Robin Wise
  • Kelly Brooks
  • Alison
  • Stangroom
  • Mike Dyar

  • Krzysztof Szynczac
  • Daga Mierunska
  • W. Kumor
  • Robert Rupocinski
  • Michal Gracyk

  • Ma.Moreira
  • Vincze Laszlo

  • Igor Bartolech

  • Antonio Gomez

  • Marcel Stussi
W. Germany
  • Julie Tarkata
  • Birger Jesch
  • Jurgen O. Olbrich
  • Angela & Henning Mittendorf

  • Works from Ti Ricordi Di Loro, a publication by Alberto Rizzi (originally exhibited at the 1991 exhibition) 
  • Many other works by Anonymous contributors





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