JFABC Sesquicentennial Exhibition: 150th Anniversary Exhibition


JFABC Sesquicentennial Exhibition: 150th Anniversary Exhibition


September 2 - September 30, 2015


Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection


A celebration of works by SAIC alumni and faculty in the JFABC!

Table Of Contents

Display Case 1

Every artificial plant and flower in my mother's house, Jessica Taylor, 5400.8

Trubble Club, Issue 5. RA 3.150

Caught: a tale in three parts, Beth Hetland, Zine 1.77

Volksmode 2014, Ladydrawers, Zine 7.18

A pictorial history of the great outdoors, Lilli Carré, 58.92

Ms. Malone kept her eye on the sea, for fear she'd miss something spectacular, Lilli Carré, 113.81

The Pendulum, 
Zine 7.4

Pedestrians, 103.19

Scraping chunks from the roof of my skull, Brendan DeVallance, 3.87

Dig, Isabella Rotman, Zine 6.70

Endless monsoon, Sarah Welch, Zine 7.91

An SAIC Creative Writing Guild publication, Zine 2.31

Unladylike, Ladydrawers, 100.98

Animal sex set, Isabella Rotman, Zine 6.66

Building Stories, Chris Ware, Z7.9

A wet seed wild, Lilli Carré, 89.35

My dreams have been quite strange lately, Lilli Carré, 101.37

Proof, 118.29

The gocco set, 110.21

Soup, Beth Hetland, 101.14

Conversation, Beth Hetland, Zine 6.76

Tahrir Square, July 30, 2011, Amirah Hanafi, Zine 6.29

Conxion, Andrew Holmquist, RA 1.224

Display Case 2

Top shelf

Let the wind blow 70's, Z100.28

II, Thomas Comerford, Z100.41

Middle shelf

Quadratic Studies, Michael Milano, Z200.2

Demonstration, Rirkrit Tiravanija, 113.39

Bottom shelf

Antidote, Amara Leipzig, RA 3.110

TOC: a new-media novel, Steve Tomasula, 69.37

Performing next feminisms, RA 2.755

Ephemeris.time, 125.91

Watch this fray, Nell Westerlund, 105.35

Garlic and greens soul mix, Anthony D. Stepter, 105.48

Display Case 3

Top shelf

Chains of Custody, Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, 5500.2

Settling (map), Amanda Repo Tai Thomson, 110.10

Wave hands through clouds, Jiuxue Zhang, 5900.3

Middle shelf 

The infallible counterfeit detector, Miles DeCoster, 27.3

A Leaf, Alexis Petroff, 43.7

Black ghost apple factory (and others), Jeremy Tinder, Zine 1.54

Sweet Junk, Gail Rubini, 56.5

Projections, Juo-Wei Ho, 106.12

City deposits : a guide to Chicago's limestone quarries, Laurie Palmer, 18.19

Something is Crook in Middlebrook, James Richard Hugunin, 94.40

Greatest hits, James Richard Hugunin, 2.17

Elder physics : the wrong of time: stories from an elder home, 90.55

Portable postcard exhibition, 21.28

AIDS: SAIC artists: responsible and responding: four stories, RA 2.351

Volition, Gregg Bordowitz, 62.15

Garden rainbows spiderwebs weavings, Michelle Grabner, 65.14

ATOM-r (Anatomical theatres of Mixed Reality), The operature, 70.15

Roger Brown sketchbook 1993 - 1997, Roger Brown, 69.57

Forever Yours, Gail Rubini, 22.4

[Untitled], Myungah Hyon, 2.25

Waiting, Miles DeCoster, 33.10

Real blue skies, Gail Rubini, 51.6

Text off the page: MFA in Writing Program, 124.1

[Never realized], Robert Blanchon, 100.41

"Some people say we look like sisters," Jessie Affelder, 69.9

How do I cope with the loss of an idol?, Jessie Affelder, 39.15

Trout are tickled best in muddy water, Jessie Affelder, 69.11

Raising a Family, Conrad Gleber, 11.2

Family Portrait, Conrad Gleber, 127.5

[Untitled], Conrad Gleber, 127.6

Display Case 4

Top shelf

Myself, daily life, and earthly thoughts, Youkyop Kwon, RA 2.264

Fisheries Broadcast, Robert Clarke-Davis, 9.18

Book design: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, Mingxuan Li, 123.96

Alternets, Beverly Nelson, RA 2.516

The drug lord mansion-estates. Volume 1, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, RA 2.559

Whatever happened to the Pentagon? (restaurant), Deb Sokolow, RA 2.600

Upper middle shelf

Hairy Who, RA 2.591

Television, Miels Decoster, 66.2

Lubb dub, Ann Tyler, RA 2.785

Total chaos : the truth...revealed!, Joyce Neimanas, 126.27

Yony, 127.64

Conflicts, Heejin Kim, Z20.11

Their story, Heejin Kim, Z20.15

Automobile accidents: a coloring book, Oli Watt, 1.47

Bottom shelf

Dogs, Susannah Kite Strang, RA 2.537





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