Chewing Ambiguity Presents: The Chewing Vitrine


Chewing Ambiguity Presents: The Chewing Vitrine


February 22 - March 11, 2016


Alessia Petrolito (curator)


Chewing Ambiguity is a curatorial research project that presents a series of 'negotiations' around ambiguity. These negotiations include lectures (‘positions’); screenings and an exhibition at the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection. The curatorial research will collect a multimedia/interdisciplinary ‘bibliography’ to map and explore the notion of ambiguity.

Chewing Ambiguity Presents: The Chewing Vitrine is an exhibition revolving around the notion of ambiguity and layered meaning. This selection of artists' books aims to translate, map, and explore the in-betweenness of interdisciplinary practices through a playful lens. Curated by Alessia Petrolito (MAVCS 2016) in collaboration with the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection.

Table Of Contents

Ambiguous beauty, Yasumasa Morimura, RA 1.196

Tick, tiger, trout, Eva Mantell, 4.81

Bottled book condensed edition, Norman Conquest, Z5.10

Point d’ironie Volume #26, Christian Boltanski, 5200.1

Space is the time you need to go to someone else, various artists, 60.20

Endocrinology, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, 4.83

Ordinary curtains, Tate Shaw, 6.84

It is almost that (box), various artists, Z4.8

Foucault’s sleep: models for a proposal, Contributors: Nykytaiteen museo (Helsinki, Finland); Acalá 31 (Exhibition hall), 94.87

The brightest thing in the world : 3 lectures from the Institute of Failure, Matthew Goulish, 91.19

Measure, Marcia Ciro, 105.12

[Untitled], Suzanne E. Pastor, 3800.17

Visionaire. No. 51, Harmony, Contributors: Robert Wilson; Maurizio Cattelan; Richard Misrach, C1.28

Garden diary, Caty C. Forden, 122.18

Conversation pieces, Joseph Grigely, RA 2.204

Abecedarian themes in abstract expressionism, Jean Potter, 131.97

Italia, Jessie Li, Z23.16

[Untitled], Suzanne E. Pastor, 3800.18

Horrible bodies, Erik Dalzen, Zine 7.33

Visionaire, No. 32, Where? Contributors: Hermès; Jean-Louise Dumas; Mary Ellen Mark; Wolfgang Tillmans; Bruce Weber; Peter Lindbergh; Visionaire Publishing, C1.7

A rigid poems, Contributors: Simon Anderson; Tie Jojima; Gregory Fitzsimmons; Lindsey Jancay; Mel Becker; Yuliya Meshcherskaya; Sarah Knudtson; Guy Eytan; Krissy Wilson; Magdalena Wistuba, RA 2.524

Visionaire, No. 40, David Sims roses, David Sims, C1.16

Alphabeta concertina, Ronald King, RA 2.194

Wear your mind, Catherine Darlington, Z20.20

Radio silence, Julie Chen, Z0.2

A tool for fair measure, Ben Nicholson, 5600.4

Between clean: a pantoum, Sally Alatalo, 109.88



2/25  @ 4:15pm, Flaxman Special Collections Reading Room, Sharp 508
Carolina Faller Moura and Marina Cavadini in conversation with Chewing Ambiguity 

 3/17  @ 4:15pm, Flaxman Special Collections Reading Room, Sharp 508

Matthew Goulish in conversation with Chewing Ambiguity


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