De Nue Satellite Library


De Nue Satellite Library


August 31st – September 30th, 2016


Janelle Miller (curator)


De Nue Satellite Library is a program corresponding with the school-wide exhibition De Nue, which challenges SAIC and the public to complicate ideas of Blackness and what it means to make BLACK art. In conjunction with exhibitions in the LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery & Gallery X, De Nue is occupying Flaxman Library and the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection’s display cases with archival and sourced materials that both illuminate and complicate ideas of BLACKNESS. This exhibition will run in the cases from 8/31 - 9/16. From 9/17 - 9/30 the materials will move inside the Reading Room so that viewers can handle the books.

Throughout the course of the exhibition additional works selected by Janelle Miller will be on view in Sharp 508.

Table Of Contents

Black girls you can take home to your parents: a guest coloring book, Kelly Lloyd, 111.28

Accept the CHALLENGE of a mighty land, 
Kelly Lloyd, 111.29

Postcards series, Alessia Petrolito, 5800.16

Then what?: photographs and folklore, Carrie Mae Weems, 114.5

The making of Americans, Caecilia Tripp, 113.29

Show Bible, Martine Syms, 29.39

Fools, Martine Syms, 29.41

Belvedere, David Hartt, 29.42

Types, Laylah Ali, 65.25

Laylah Ali, Laylah Ali, 22.23

Laylah Ali: note drawings, Laylah Ali, 65.24

Laylah Ali: the greenheads series, 105.49

The negro artist and the racial mountain, Autumn Thomas, 35.15

High desert, Noah Purifoy, 115.84

Danny, the last African American in the 22nd century, Danny Tisdale, 2.94

The El Saturn Research Library, Cauleen Smith, 25.23

The blackbean pop-up book, Christina A. Long, 107.81

Cohnifestige Lake: an illurniousrami of poems and adventures, Christina A. Long, 100.93

Love diamond, Diamond Stingily, 29.40

Black radical imagination, 29.43

Afrique Universelle - La Biennale Di Venezia, DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, 101.62 (Storage)

67 children murdered in Chicagoland in 1994, Jr. Amos Paul Kennedy, 11.36

Translation in the dark part 1: I won't be born, Marianna Maruyama, 106.23

(Re)Connect: the Mark Bradford project, Mark Bradford, 100.37

Hélène Cixous ex-cities; Ex-citie, Sherae Rimpsey, 93.75

This is not a dream, 58.81

Nappygram, Jr. Amos Paul Kennedy, 95.81

Has Man a Function in Universe? : strategic questions #2, 95.58

Children don't count project, Jr. Kennedy Amos Paul, 100.29 (storage)

Knowledge of the world, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Z1.6

Exelento, Ellen Gallagher, Z1.8

Black but Italian, Alessia Petrolito, Z6.9

There's nothing here, 
Kelly Llyod, Z6.13 

Peter Norton Family Christmas project 2002, Yinka Shonibare, Z12.16

Black utopia, Cauleen Smith, Z100.31 

3%: a zine + a voice, Black at SAIC, Zine 8.41

Kicking the pigeon: parts 1 - 9, Jamie Kalven, Zine 3.18

THINGS, Zine 7.16

Shotgun Seamstress, Osa Atoe, Zine 8.7

Colored people: a collaborative book project, Adrian Piper, RA 2.627

Peter Norton family Christmas edition 1994, Lorna Simpson, RA 1.197

The preserver: limited-edition artist paper, Ellen Gallagher, RA 2.768

crote froms, Sherae Rimpsey, RA 2.317

Pretend, Adrian Piper, RA 2.616

Afrosurreal manifesto: black is the new black : a 21st century manifesto, Scot Miller, ABR PS 3613 .I535 A35 2012

How to make a hood, ed. La Keisha Leek, Jeniffer Patio Cervantes, and Matt Austin, ABR N 6512.7 .H68 2014

Jimmy Robert Vis-à-vis, MCA monographs, ABR N 6853 .R613 A4 2012

World 3, ed. Kodwo Eshun, Anjalika Sagar, Martin Clark, and Steinar Sekkingstad, ABR N 6797 .O84 .A4 2014

The ghosts of songs: the film art of the Black Audio Film Collective, 1982 - 1998, ed. Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar of the Otolith Group, ABR/REF PN 1995.9 .N4 G52 2007




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