Provoke: Photo Meets Book


Provoke: Photo Meets Book


September 24th – October 14th, 2016


Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection (Doro Boehme & Kayla Anderson)


In conjunction with Chicago’s 2016 Filter Photo Festival, Flaxman Library Special Collections presents a selection of photo-books from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection. The works in this exhibition present a range of approaches to the photographic image: from the material to the digital, the abstract to the representational. Books by KangHee Kim, Stephen Gill, Daisuke Yokota, Hannah Whitaker, Jaclyn Wright, Andrew Norman Wilson, Stefan Burger, Beate Geissler + Oliver Sann, Paul Paper, Simone Mudde + Olivier Van Breugel, Hiên Minh Lé, Laurence Aëgerter, Michael Nelson, Nadine Stijns, Mikhael Subotzky, Liane Lang, and artists of the Provoke era: Taki Koji, Takanashi Yutaka, Nakahira Takuma, Moriyama Daido, and Araki Nobuyoshi. Works were divided into the following categories: “Image as Material,” “Screen Culture,” “Vernacular Ethnography,” and “Architecture + Place.”

Table Of Contents

Case 1: Image as Material

Magic, KangHee Kim

Best Before End, Stephen Gill, #3200.16

Color Photographs, Daisuke Yokota, #130.6

Self Publish Be Happy Vol.1, Naohiro Utagawa, RA 2.775

The Scrap, Daisuke Yokota, #130.29

Difference Engine, Hannah Whitaker, #2.51

Afterglow: Compact, Orientable, Spacelike, Jaclyn Wright, #9.67

Case 2: Screen Culture

ScanOps, Andrew Norman Wilson, RA 2.763

The Pommel Horse Popo, Stefan Burger Volatile Smile, Beate Geissler + Oliver Sann, #9.82

Smoke Screen, Paul Paper, #130.28

Between Screens, Simone Mudde + Olivier Van Breugel

Case 3: Vernacular Ethnography

Còn la¬i roi r¬ac. Hiên Minh Lé, RA 1.306

Healing Plants for Hurt Landscapes, Laurence Aëgerter Tristes Tropiques: Illustrations hors texte, Laurence Aëgerter Assignment no.2. Michael Nelson, #111.2

McHotel, Simone Mudde + Olivier Van Breugel Floating Population, Nadine Stijns, #10.28

Case 4: Architecture + Place

The Japanese Box: The Provoke Era, Taki Koji, Takanashi Yutaka, Nakahira Takuma, Moriyama Daido, Araki Nobuyoshi, RA 1.248

Ponte City, Mikhael Subotzky, Z20.5

Amnesiac Patina, Liane Lang, RA 1.225





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