Fisting the Flasch


Fisting the Flasch


May 2nd - June 8th, 2018


Abbey Muza & M.K.


Fisting the Flasch is a collection of self-reflexive materials concerning the presence of the human imprint in the archive. Beyond the value of its contents, the imprinted book emerges as an animal with its own proclivities and quirks. To encounter visual evidence that documents have been touched, turned and otherwise manipulated (even though we know this unconsciously to be the case) is a queer affirmation of the archive’s relation to desire, embodiment or pleasure. This crossing of strata also reveals the fallibility of archival materials, exposing susceptibility to deterioration and eventual obsolescence of digital and physical collections.

Table Of Contents

Scan Ops, Andrew Norman Wilson, RA 2.723 (Restricted Access)

Documents: A New Project, Marysin Lewandowska, 2.49

Truth Will Be Known When the Last Witness is Dead: Documents from the Fakhouri File in the Atlas Group Archive, Walid Raad & The Atlas Group, 42.79

Special Collection, Benjamin Shaykin, 17.19

Archive as Shrine, Bryce Wilner, 3.41

Point D’Ironie#27 Hannah Darboven; #29 Edouard Glissant; #48 Walid Raad;#27 June 2002; #29 November 2002; #48 July 2009, 5200.1 

All the Paintings in the Museum, Guy Bigland, 33.4

Cloud, the, 3, Helen Mirra, 113.79

Metal, but at the Same Time… It’s a Crystal, Smiljanić, Vanja, 94.70

Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling, Fiona Banner, Z22.16

Shining In Absence, Archive of Modern Conflict (London, England), RA 2.777

Mood Disorder, David Harvitz, 13.86

Archive Fever, Okwui Enwezor, (Flaxman) TR820.5 .E58 2008

File room, Dayanita Singh, 

It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women and Women Artists, Compilation, (CPL) PN56.V54I8 2011

Puppies and Babies, A.L. Steiner and Maggie Nelson, Zine 12.33

My Neck is Thinner Than a Hair. Volume 2 : Documents from the Atlas Group Archive, Walid Raad & The Atlas Group,118.22 

Losing L’una, Stephanie Strickland, 94.20

We Can Make Rain but No One Came to Ask: Documents from the Atlas Group ArchiveWalid Raad, Jalal Toufic, & Atlas Group, 102.35

Unfurlings; explorations in art, activism, and archiving, Never the Same, 8.69

Fantasies of the Library, 
Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, 58.11

Memories Can’t Wait: Conversation on Accessing history and Archives Through Artistic Practice,  Malene Dam, Bridget de Gersigny, & Kate Levy, RA 2.745




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