No Future: A Memorial


No Future: A Memorial


April 23 – 27, 2018


John A. Stevens


Members of the SAIC community are invited to bring written and/or printed work to the Flaxman Library Special Collections Reading Room, where it will be available for general perusal before being ceremonially cremated by John A. Stevens (MAVCS 2018) at the close of the Spring 2018 semester. An urn containing the ashes will be housed in the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection as part of Canon 2017.

By memorializing our present work and achievements, we question the notion of progress against the imposing reality that our civilization is facing inevitable collapse; be it ecological, thermonuclear, or due to some other statistically-assured futurity. No Future: A Memorial acknowledges this reality in an attempt to instigate the necessary conscience to address systemic nullity: hopeful that a grounded position may be found from which to salvage a future out of our collective disenfranchisement. 


A formal invitation to the rest of the SAIC community to consider the place of art and social action in the broader context of geopolitical conflict, endless war, and ecological collapse. Stevens’ urn is placed alongside a curation of artist's books that speak to these issues, as well as examples of artist's and activists responding to them.

This exhibition is dedicated to the activists David Buckel and Berta Cáceres, both who have paid the ultimate price to warn us of our excesses.

Table Of Contents

No Future: A Memorial, Urn from Canon 2017, John A. Stevens

Act Against Nuclear War, Sarah Sutro, 14.7

After Reasonable Research, Miranda Maher, 4.38

Diary of Images: It’s Still Time to Mourn, Josely Carvalho, 121.12

Everybody’s House (is burning): Llança-New York, Francesc Torres, 119.30

File Room, Dayanita Singh, 89.89

Found Gucci, Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin, Z29.4

Gar-baj, Chris Enos, 65.8

Inventory of Wasted Space, Kristin M. Rogers, 106.13

Los Clavos: (Casualty Figures in the Thousands), Hank Brusselback, 84.14

Matter of Conscience: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War, William Short, 121.9

Most of the Time Not at all Always, Marija Šujica, 37.12

No Progress in Pleasure, Barbara Kruger, RA 2.365

Nuclear Atlas, Sharon Gilbert, 100.6

Process of Aging: Fragment of an on-going thorough self-analysis, Athena Tacha, 117.25

Software: Information Technology: its new meaning for art, (spread of Cremation Piece by John Baldessari), ABR TA167.J47

Spoiled, Tom Varisco, 95.18

Thank You for Sharing: collected writings of art students in Chicago, Hayoung Jeong, 3800.19

Trashing the Neoliberal City: Autonomous Cultural Practices in Chicago, 85.77

Waste, Sharon Gilbert, 125.7

Waste, Mimi Smith, 128.16


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