Strange Documents and Fragile Vehicles


Strange Documents and Fragile Vehicles


December 16, 2017 – February 2, 2018


Conor Stechschulte


Selections from Printmedia's "Adventures in Self Publishing" class taught by Conor Stechschulte, with teaching assistant Kera Ling.

Work by: Riley Barnes, Jessica Birn, Irene Boyias, Caroline Cash, Lola Dement Myers, Paul Gallet, Alison Golcher, Eli Hamilton, Yasmine Lai, Alexia Leroy, Mariana Li, Rohan McDonald, Trina Nicolas, and Andrew Thompson. 

Accompanying the exhibition is a satellite library of inspirational works from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection curated by the students. 

Table Of Contents

Display Cases (Student Work)

Falling for a Villain, Irene Boyias
Should We All Be Feminists?, Alison Golcher
Where are Your Favorite DList Celebrities Now?, Jessica Birn
19, Lola Dement Myers
Sample, Lola Dement Myers
Dr. Knowhow’s Adult-dulting Supplement, Eli Hamilton
Direction Cards, Eli Hamilton
The Red Room, Yasmine Lai
Bang, Yasmine Lai
Yellow Prints, Yasmine Lai
I’m So Punk, Caroline Cash
Imprints, Alexia Leroy
Left, Alexia Leroy
Someone More Powerful, Rohan McDonald
Comic #1, Rohan McDonald
Cartes de Voeux, Andrew Thompson
0%, Paul Gallet
Pelle-Pelle, Riley Barnes
Portal Pup, Trina Nicolas
Untitled, Mariana Li
Heart Book, Mariana Li

Satellite Library (Student Selections)

Hotel-hotel, Martin Kippenberger, 5900.11
Celebrities’ Penises, Ken Kagami 
Hairy WhoRA 2.591
Big Kids, Michael DeForge, 14.42
Visionaire No. 64 (Art), John Baldessari, C1.44
MC hotel, Tokyo, Simone Mudde, 14.82
Statements and Counter-statements, Experimental Jetset, 70.34 (Storage)
A Wet Seed Wild, Lilli Carré, 89.35
Epoxy, John Pham
To the Extend of, Sigrid Calon, RA 1.142
Little Rain, Tim Lahan
Structures 35-45, Patrick Kyle, Zine 9.13
[Untitled flip book], Patrick Kelley, 58.75
Happy Trails, Scott Roberts, 13.91


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