Flipping the Garden


Flipping the Garden


October 24 – November 10, 2017


Junxi Lu (curator)


This satellite library explores the architecture of intimate landscapes, inspired by the contemplative spatial relations of traditional Chinese gardens. Artists' publications exploring topics of space,  landscape, the body, water, and food. 

Table Of Contents

A.L.I.X.E.E.D., Lisa Stone, Z0.20

Another water: (the River Thames, for example), Roni Horn, RA 2.138

Architecture of Taste, Pierre Hermé, 12.36

A Stone’s Journey, Yan Zhou, RA 2.793

Barricades, Lele Saveri, (collection of the artist)

Cropping the Ocean, Bjarne Bare, 111.31

Cupful, Christopher Davenport, 3300.10

Disobedient Bodies, J. W. Anderson, (collection of the artist)

Fade to Black, Philippe Parreno, 58.82

Flamin’ Stars, Sarah Jones, 58.89

Food Pose, Hsian Jung Chen, 91.81

Glass, some water, and a flower, Hugh Connelly, 7.38

Green Journey: Botanical Gardens, Maurizio Nannucci, RA 2.283

Healing Plants for Hurt Landscapes, Laurence Aëgerter, 5100.3

Laying Stones, Munemasa Takahashi, 5.95

Le Forchette di Munari, Bruno Munari, 63.24

Needle Woman, Kim Soo-ja, RA 2.153

Nega/posi, Leah Mackin, 1.69

Never Tired of Looking Each Other. Only the Mountain and I, Olafur Eliasson, 85.5

No. 235 Encyclopedia of Allotment, Anna Geene, 91.78

O, Bookie Woeki, (collection of the artist)

Oneeveryone, Ann Hamilton, Z1.23

Poemotion 2, Takahiro Kurashima, 103.44

Real Fiction, Telfer Stokes and Helen Douglas, 91.3

Reflection, Helen Douglas, 102.38

Saying Water, Roni Horn, 115.50

Séquence Rurale, Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret, 116.64

Space, Son Ni, 91.79

To Place. Pooling Waters, Roni Horn, 109.58 (Storage)

The City Beautiful, Martien Mulder, (collection of the artist)

The Giverny Polaroids, Darren Almond, 64.22

Vanishing point :How to disappear in China without a trace,
Susanne Bürner, 58.34

Vanishing point: how to disappear in America without a trace, Susanne Bürner, 58.34

Vom sinnvollen Abstand und dem notwendigen Zusammenhalt, Yasutomo Ota, RA 1.201

Wild Prayer, Nicholas Gottlund, 1900.20

*A fan from Japan
*A glass tea cup and saucer from China

Architectural structure by Junxi Lu





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