The Book, Embodied


The Book, Embodied


August 22 – September 12, 2017


Willa Goettling (curator)


Books often exist as relatively autonomous art objects, detached from the bodies who made them. The Book, Embodied explores how artist publications insert or make reference to corporeality - whether through investigations of health and illness, documentation on how the physical body and social stigmatizations of the body have impacted one’s experience within the world, or the creation of a book as a bodily-engaged performance piece.

While engaging with the books in this exhibition viewers are encouraged to consider how artists’ publications, such as zines or artists’ books, create discourse relating to the body. How might independent publishing create space for sharing intimate experiences related to the body, and bolster underrepresented narratives?

A zine made especially for the exhibition will be available in the Special Collections Reading Room. Willa Goettling is a second year MFA student in the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts program at Columbia College. This exhibition marks the culmination of her internship at the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection at SAIC.

Table Of Contents

Case 1: The Book as Documentation of Corporeality

Nuancier, Pierre David, 108.20

Building Stories, Chris Ware, Z7.9

Turning 50, Bea Nettles, 116.72

As You Change, Andria Morales

Wrongly Bodied, Clarissa Sligh, 93.12

The Fat Book, Beverly Naidus, 120.33 (storage)

Warped, Pheobe Wahl

Bees and the Bearable, Zhe Chen, 10.37

Dress: a perzine about gender

Bodies: More Than 19,476 Combinations, Susan Grieger

Black Women and Self Care: Thoughts on Mental health, Oppression & Healing, Naomi Moyer, Zine 11.47

Pretend, Adrian Piper, RA 2.616

The Body, Manifold Publication, Amina Ross, Zine 10.80

Case 2-3: The Book as Guide to Health and Illness

Maman Sauvage, Genevieve Elverum

You’re So Sexy When You Are Not Transmitting STD’s, Isabella Rotman, Zine 7.3

Hot Pants, Do It Yourself Gynecology, Isabelle Gauthier, Zine 4.97

The Mental Health Cookbook: Creating Connection with Food and Herbs, H. Fin

Re:productive Volume I, Christa Donner, Zine 5.82

Body Conscious Birth Control, Unknown

Metaphorical Fruit: Issue #2, Willa Goettling

The Gynecologist, Joan Lyons, 100.12

Dumb #1+2, Georgia Webben

Pharmacy of Crippling Hope, Jessica Poor, z6.10

Memory Loss, Scott McCarney, 1900.14

Insect Politics: Body Horror/Social Order, Stephen Derrickson, 122.45

Bile and Syntax #2: Cyborg Problems, Norma Krautmeyer

Sanatorium Operations Manual, Pedro Reyes, 3.48

Afterparty: A Novella, Anne Elizabeth Moore

Guinea Pig Zero #2 and #4, Zine 8.24

Cultures of Eugenics, subRosa, 58.76

Preparing to Welcome the Chthulucene, Agustina Zegers, 40.6

Faustus, Misako Oba, 87.99

Mission: Perfection, Aimee Lee, 5500.3

Thirty Five years/ One week, Linn Underhill, 30.3

Case 4: The Book as Performance Piece

Gestures #1: A Study of FInger Positions [Reduced Version], Athena Tacha, 65.36

Heinz and Judy, Janet Zweig, 3.14

Body of Text, Kelly Wellman, 1.96

Touch, Peter Dekens, 13.12

Seven Years of Living Art, Linda Montano, RA 2.499

The Body Book, Joshua Turk, z19.23

Notebook Based on the External Surface Area of My Body, Shane Krepakevich, 28.20

Fix Piece, Keith A. Buchholz, 58.9

Fidget, Kenneth Goldsmith, 5.91

Paper Stages, 91.47

Green World, Merce Cunningham, 117.71

Musical Book, Lionelle Gennero, 1400.3

Satellite Library

Grapefruit, Yoko Ono, 102.70

Arising, Yoko Ono, RA 1.310

Breathe, Levi Sherman, Zine 7.60

It was Big Enough to Get Me Completely Inside, Rosie Heinrich, Z200.6 

'Let's Take Back Our Space': Female and Male Body Language as a Result of Patriarchal Structures, Marianne Lyra-Wex, 101.74

Colored People: A Collaborative Book Project, Adrian Piper, RA 2.627

Puppies & Babies, Maggie Nelson, Zine 12.33

Fantasies of the Library, Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin, 58.11

Lubb Dup, Ann Tyler, RA 2.785 

The Unmaking and the Making of the World, Ann Tyler, RA 1.261

Suite Venitienne, Sophie Calle, 71.15

Spatial Poem, Mieko Shiomi, RA 2.385


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