Slow Type


Slow Type


August 1 – 17, 2017


Bec Hac (curator)


Typographic style for the page and that for the screen has been an ongoing conversation, with high priority given to the digital. Type and wordsetting are idealized for rapid repetition, reproduction, and accessibility of form; if not that, then it is rendered into calligraphy or unreadability.

Taking its name and intent from the essay by Lobregat Balaguer, Slow Type focuses on typography done by hand, reacting as it is written to the page it is on. In a digital era, the accents of handwriting are more visible and the emotions of the word are present: a perfect reproduction of a phone book, with anxieties in the written margins. Gilded manuscripts, diaries and journals, and expert, experimental sign painting in Metro Manila are all included in the slowing of typography.

Table Of Contents

Case 1

Govor, Mladen Stilinović, 10.46
Not altogether true not altogether false, Nancy J. Garruba, 82.3
The drug lord mansion-estates Volume I: Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Deb Sokolow, RA 2.559
Telefonbuch, Tone Fink, RA 2.453
Ende im osten, A. R. Penck, RA 2.455
Vowel Sounds, Ted Cronin, 101.50
A guide to Nizo. Vol. 1, Daniel Lubniewski, 100.44
No. 2 : understain, Mark Addison Smith, 105.69
Hit, run, an’thro (To Whom It May Concern), Felipe Ehrenberg, 4900.1
My love, Niki de Saint-Phalle, RA 2.803
The elastic membrane, Micheal Kidner, z13.9
Filipino Folk Foundry, 6.4

ase 2

Tales Too Tough for TV, 44.13
Bind + Origin Vol.1, Nell Westerlund, 6.88
Red, Mark Addison Smith, 105.70
The Horsefetter, Eric Renner, 7.5
Data, Pete Horobin, 57.3
Seven Lady Saintes, Erica Van Horn, 66.8
Garden Diary, Caty C. Forden, 122.18
Balm the Sphere, Chris Chevins, 128.13

Case 3

Hit, run, an’thro (Various Items), Felipe Ehrenberg, 4900.1
Ingredients, Ruth Laxson, 21.3
Spiritual Scroll, Enna Amos, 3800.7
Ladenhüter (aus d. Jahren 1965-1983), Dieter Roth, RA 2.469

Case 4

Ariadne’s Thread and the Language of the Minotaur, Paula Hocks, 83.1
Hit, run, an’thro (Pages from an Artist’s Journal) (sic), Felipe Ehrenberg, 4900.1
An Apology, Jane Fay, 41.11
Think/Leap/Re-think/Fall, Vito Acconci, RA 2.123
Measure, Cut, Stitch, Ruth Laxson, 82.18
Chocolate Cake, Stephanie Brody Lederman, 55.20
Dream, 110.37
The Occurrences of Duke Snider, Lee Dejasu, 7.9
Story of the Lion, Georges Adéagbo, 4.88
Maintenance in the year of…, Stephen Cruise, 90.5
Sisters, Jessie Affelder, 1100.5





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