Revival: 50 Years of Artists’ Vinyl


Revival: 50 Years of Artists’ Vinyl


June 21 – July 18, 2017


What defines an artists’ record? Is it the distinction between music and sound, between mainstream and experimental? The answer is perhaps as nebulous as any sub-genre within artists’ publishing. Our record collection includes experimental jazz and early electronic, folk and punk, conceptual mashups and spoken word, and all kinds of things in between. Some might say it’s very atonal, but is has its melodic moments. Vinyl is a medium popular for its audio fidelity but also for its visuality, it’s object-hood. This exhibition features a glimpse into the array of artists and approaches to the vinyl record within our collection from the years 1966 - 2016. We hope you’ll give them a listen.

Table Of Contents

Case 1

Certain Blacks, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Z100.8

Opus 17, Eliane Radigue, Z100.88

Kuntur Ko (water condor): Alba del habla (dawn of speech), Cecilia Vicuña, Z100.42

Sounds for 4 Cinema Pieces, Robert Whitman, Z300.10

Airwaves, Various Artists, Z100.4

Nice Magazine No. 4, Z300.13

Long live the people of the revolution, Oliver Augst (cover art by Raymond Pettibon), Z100.13

Wild Billy Childish & the musicians of the British Empire, Billy Childish, Z100.81

Cage 100: Bootleg Series, Sō Percussion, Z100.29

Case 2

10 riot songs, Cranfield and Slade, Z100.61

I have left you the mountain: architecture of displacement and Albanian polyphonies, Z101.1

Plaster cymbal symbol, Christopher Duncan, Z100.54

Ooga booga bongo music, Lucky Dragons, Z100.95

T7: I think I scan, Jakob S. Boeskov, Timothy Dewit, and Matthew Morandi, Z100.83

How to make a happening, Allan Kaprow, Z100.14

Fluxus Anthology, Various Artists, Z100.32

Inevitable music #1: variations on Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing #260, Sébastien Roux, Z100.63

Claps / applause, Michael Bell-Smith, Z100.3

Case 3

True mirror double AA side, Dexter Sinister, Z100.60

Untitled (3/19/13 – 6/18/13), Jason Lazarus, Z100.49

Hörtexte zwei (Two listening texts), Ferdinand Kriwet, Z100.45

Mort Aux Vaches ekstra, Gæoudjiparl (Goodiepal), Z100.34

T7: I think I scan, Jakob S. Boeskov, Timothy Dewit, and Matthew Morandi, Z100.83

An interview of Jack Smith by Sylvère Lotringer, Semiotext(e), Z100.55

The Thing Quarterly, Rodarte + No Age, Z100.40

Black Utopia, Cauleen Smith, Z100.31

Case 4

If I stop talking we are gone, Ane Østrem, Z100.82

5’05” - 3 renotations of 1 act of cleaning a piano, Franziska Koch, Z200.4

Songs on Conceptual Art, Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom, Z100.26

No Jets III, Matt Hanner, Z100.39

Quadratic Studies, Michael Milano, Z200.2

Invocations, Richard Kostelanetz, Z100.64

368 songs with the word sad in the title mixed into one song, Ucci Kartz, Z100.17

I've got you under my skin, Troy Briggs, Z300.1

Corrected Slogans, Art & Language, Z100.10


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