Weekly Special Selection: Comics and Zines (1970s - 1990s)


Weekly Special Selection: Comics and Zines (1970s - 1990s)


July 26 - 30

Table Of Contents

Art babe, Jessica Abel, 126.92

Do da, vol. 1/4, Sally Alatalo, 2500.1

Du da, vol.4/2, Sally Alatalo, 2500.1

Art works 2, vol.1/2, Artworks Committee, 60.6 (Storage)

Augustine escapes, no. 1, Natalie D'Arbeloff, Zine 8.4

Augustine angry, no. 10, Natalie D'Arbeloff, Zine 8.4

Snore comix: Bright things, D. Atchley, 2.13

Diary of a prime-time crier, Susan Baker, 115.6

The incredible servant and the master of the unknown, Ricardo Bloch, 126.97

A Mexican comic book, Hank Brusselback, 2600.4

Art/Life, vol. 5/10, Joe Cardella, 96.24 (Storage)

Maintenance in the year of..., Stephen Cruise, 90.5

The adventures of go go girl in Chicago, vol. 1- 3, Claire Dolan, 2100.9

Modern love, Karen Fredericks, 124.72

Artpolice, no. 29, Frank Gaard, Zine 6.57

Flip- pack, George Griffin, Z13.1

Let me tell you 'cause I was there..., Andrew Matsui, 52.16

Adult coloring book, Heather McAdams, 33.8

Jack survives, Jerry Moriarty, 68.5

Sixteen stages of psycho-sexual development, Kim Mosley, 119.59

M (based on the film by Fritz Lang), Jon J. Muth, 117.2

Jimbo: Adventures in paradise, Gary Panter, 117.7

Halloween, Michael Roden, Zine 3.6

Morally superior products, Erika Rothenberg, 53.13 (Storage)

Umbrella '80, Harry W. Saffren, 33.1 (Storage)

Land of 1000 beers, David Sandlin, 108.7

Read yourself raw, Art Spiegelman, RA 3.111

Nozone, Joost Swarte, 1400.8

Hidden Noise, no.2, James Vukos, 41.4 (Storage)




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