Correspondence Art and Related Phenomena


Correspondence Art and Related Phenomena


February 2 – February 27, 2009


Ramon Cartwright, Elissa Papendick, Andrew Blackley (curators)


Emerging in the 1950's, and becoming more prolific in the 1960's as a part of the Fluxus movement, mail art is a process, a conversation, a communicative art form, realized only when the work is mailed and received.

Vittore Baroni, Eleanor Antin and Ray Johnson are amongst the artists whose work is currently on display. Edition 23 of "Commonpress", edited by Vittore Baroni, is a collaborative mail art periodical containing collages with contributions by artists world-wide, and bursting with political critique.

In Eleanor Antin's seminal work, 100 Boots, the artist mailed fifty-one unsolicited postcards to individuals and art institutions around the world, featuring black boots in action (on the way to market, to church, to the museum, etc.)

Ray Johnson's correspondence pieces are more personal, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the artist's sentiments and way of life. Tactile and intimate, correspondence art is always an experience shared between the sender and the receiver.

The show has been curated by Ramon Cartwright (MFA Printmedia), Elissa Papendick (MA Art Hist/Arts Admin) and Andrew Blackley (MFA Printmedia).


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