Artifacts at the End of a Decade


Artifacts at the End of a Decade


April 20 – May 22, 2009


Artifacts at the End of a Decade is an anthology of prints and multiples in a variety of media, including glass, ceramic, metal, textile and works on paper, " a cross section of art activity particular to, and peculiar to one specific moment in time, embodying the pluralism of the 1970s that we have become so accustomed to.

It was edited and published by Steven Watson and Carol Huebner, New York, in 1981 and contains the work of Harry Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Charles Arnold, John Ashberry, Bern Boyle, Lucinda Childs, Jane Comfort, R. Crumb, Dan Dailey, Jimmy De Sana, Evergon, Sandi Fellman, Benno Friedman, April Greiman, Martha Holt, James Hong, Betsey Johnson, Sonia Katchian, Christopher Knowles, Robert Kushner, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Sol Lewitt, Jacqueline Livingston, Joan Livingstone, David Lusby, Joan Lyons, Joseph Masheck, Judy McWillie, Joan Nelson, Bea Nettles, Jayme Odgers, Richard Olson, Kingsley Parker, Harvey Pekar, Lucio Pozzi, Don Rodan, Martha Rosler, Michael Sorkin, Soul Artists, Stanley Stellar, Michelle Stuart, Benedict Tisa, Curtis Van Buren, Wenda Von Weise, Philip Warner, and Robert Wilson.

The folio measures about 17 x 14 x 4 inches (cloth clamshell box) and includes a booklet with information about the collaborating artists and their works (42 works by the 44 participants - collaborations by Harvey Pekar & R. Crumb, and by "Visual Energy" - April Greiman and Jayme Odgers.) Edition of 100 copies; the one in JFABC was a generous donation by Joan Livingston (Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Department of Fiber and Material Studies)


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