Toward an Aesthetics of Access: the Unlimited Multiple


Toward an Aesthetics of Access: the Unlimited Multiple


Monday, April 26, 2010, 12pm – 2pm


Lindsay Bosch


Listen to Lindsay Bosch (VDB) re-present her contribution to this year's CAA conference: "Today the finite artists’ multiple no longer retains its subversive “democratic” virtue. The very concept of the limited edition multiple has helped video and new media become palatable to the gallery system. Yet, for media artists and their audiences, the editioned work is an uneasy truce – increasingly forced and unviable.

In our digital world, multiplicity is the expectation; access is the demand. In his 2009 book Inherent Vice media scholar Lucas Hilderbrand articulates a new “aesthetics of access” he applies to analog video and the limitless audience bootleg. Extending Hilderbrand’s aesthetic theory into the realm of digital reproduction, I examine a number of recent experiments in unlimited multiplies, including streaming video art, software art downloads and on-demand artist book publication, each offered through networked distribution. The success (and failures) of these uneditioned multiples and online delivery systems can shape progressive new models of artistic value, spectatorship, and artist compensation."





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