Curious Cinema: Fall 2014 Program


Curious Cinema: Fall 2014 Program


Carolyn Faber


Join us at the Flaxman Library Special Collections Reading Room for a monthly series of loosely programmed screenings from our extraordinary 16mm print collection. We have nearly 700 titles by filmmakers from around the globe, many of which are not frequently screened in classes or readily available anywhere. Curious? Then join us!

Table Of Contents

September 16th

Necrology by Standish Lawder (1969)
Figures in the Landscape by Tom Comerford (2002)
Gate by Tatsu Aoki (2009).

October 14th

The Super-8 Show!

The Annunciation by Diana Barrie (1972)
Net With Water by Melanie Berry (1982)
Epiphany by Renata Breth (1978)
Belle/Ville by Constance Ryder (1983)
Sleve by Melanie Berry (1984)
Remarks That Led To A Sep-a-ra-tion by Barbara Lattanzi (1975) Red in Blue letters by Gail Currey (1983)

November 11th

Grandfather Trilogy by Allen Ross (1979)*

*This screening was postponed due to problems with the film.

December 9th

Staff Picks

Hand Catching Lead by Richard Serra (1971)
Hands Scraping by Richard Serra (1971)
Asparagus by Suzan Pitt (1979)
Looking for Mushrooms by Bruce Conner (1967)
Our Lady of the Sphere by Larry Jordan (1969)
Kustom Kar Kommandos by Kenneth Anger (1965)

All films are part of the 16mm Film Study Collection in Flaxman Library Special Collections.




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