Abraham Avnisan: Toward a Quantum Poetics


Abraham Avnisan: Toward a Quantum Poetics


Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 12pm – 1pm


Abraham Avnisan


Abraham Avnisan (MFA Art & Technology) discusses his work in the field of electronic literature.

Works discussed include Collocations and Sic: Deletions and Emendations.

Collocations is a work of experimental writing that explores the disruptive implications of quantum mechanics for science, philosophy and literature. Designed for tablet computers, Collocations employs strategies of erasure, visual poetry, and algorithmically defined systems to produce a work of innumerable poetic texts. Interaction with the work transforms the user into an experimenter, whose observation and physical manipulation of the device determines the materialization of unique textual configurations in a dynamic, non-linear and kinesthetic reading experience.

Written and made in the visual-poetic tradition of Jen Bervin and Tom Phillips, Sic: Deletions and Emendations is a conceptual artist’s book. In between genres and disciplines, Sic is a collection of three different types of “found” documents: some sixty partially erased pages of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, unsigned letters sent from a never-named European city, and a handful of photographic portraits. Presumably, the contents of Sic once belonged to a character named K, the obsessive effacer of Freud’s book and the recipient of the letters and photographs carefully tucked away among its pages.


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