Cyber/Queer Space: A Queer Mixed Reality Symposium


Cyber/Queer Space: A Queer Mixed Reality Symposium


Wednesday, December 10, 4:15pm – 5:45pm


The Queer Mixed Reality Collective (Luis Mejico, Cairns Smith, Jake Vogds)


The Queer Mixed Reality Collective is a student-run collective of artists and scholars working to create discourse around the topic of cyber space as a queer space. We ask: how do contemporary technologies affect the formation of a queer identity, both on- and off-line? How has technology changed the way we develop and curate ourselves? How has media gone from a platform for self-expression to an integral part of our nature? QMR, comprised of Luis Mejico, Cairns Smith, and Jake Vogds, and with support of the Shapiro Center's EAGER Grant, organizes events that aim to tackle these questions.

This symposium is the first event organized by QMR. Conversations will be lead by SAIC faculty member Matthew Morris and SAIC Graduate Students James Theophilos and Nu Faes.

Table Of Contents

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