Post / Natural


Post / Natural


April 24 - May 13, 2017


Kayla Anderson (curator)


Through an exhibition, satellite library, and series of events, Post/Natural explores how artists are approaching the Anthropocene, post-natural landscapes, ecology, environmental activism, and disruptions of the binary between ”nature" and "culture." Because the Anthropocene is a topic that traverses the sciences, humanities, and most recently visual arts, Post/Natural takes artists’ publications as a focus point to ask what kinds of dialogue might develop from bridging scholarly and aesthetic modes of production. Like Laboria Cubonix in their Xenofeminist Manifesto, Post/Natural seeks to chip away at the concept of “Nature as an un-remarkable given,” investigating different Nature-Cultures, how they are constructed and what happens when they collide.

This exhibition combines works from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection with work by SAIC students, faculty, and alumni.

Table Of Contents

Case 1


Artificial Nature, Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, ABR N6488.G8 A74 1990

Still (Mountain), Kasia Klimpel, 120.32

The Promise, Celine van den Boorn, 7.93

Virtually Natural, Michael Solomon (scan) 

Domain ~ Latice, Brenna Murphy (scan), 13.81

Simulated Landscapes, Sara Cwynar, 1200.10


Hyper Geography, Joe Hamilton


Matter, Caleb Charland, Matthew Gamber, Johan Rosenmunthe, Bill Sullivan, 87.72

Domain ~ Latice, Brenna Murphy (scan), 13.81

Scenes from the Great American Non-site, Chad Rutter, 129.13

The Grand Tour, Kasia Klimpel, ABR TR647 .K575 2015

See Satellite Library:

Virtually Natural, Michael Solomon 

Domain ~ Latice, Brenna Murphy, 13.81

Wondel Gemse Meersen, Stephanie Kiwitt, 18.26

Die Übergänge sind rätselhaft, Anna Gille, 122.3

Simulated Marble Rotation, Mikołaj Szatko, Z21.7

Nature’s Nation, Chad Rutter, 56.3

Buzz Cut, Eteam, 89.72

Case 2


Landscape Series no.1, Nguyen Trinh Thi, 1.67

Sharp Rocks, Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds, RA 3.113

Legend: An A-Z of the Lea Valley, Hilary Powell, RA 1.277

History Rising, Amir Berbic, 14.9

Mine. an asset-light existence, Romy Kiebling & Veronica Wüst, 95.98

River-Road: Journeys Through Ecology, David Cook, Wiremu Puke, Jonty Valentine, 91.64


The Ground, Tate Shaw (scan), 89.96

Pipeline, Jaclyn Jacunski, 122.65

Sketchbook 2000 – 2017 Illinois State Beach Park/Zion Power station #12, Nicholas Lowe *

Biography, Sarah Bryant, 2.465

The Notion of Family, Latoya Ruby Frazier, 91.40

See Satellite Library:

The Ground, Tate Shaw, 89.96

The Architecture of Mineralization, Etienne Turpin, 4000.14

Edges of the Experiment: The Making of the American Landscape, Marie-José Jongerius, Z0.24

Case 3


Healing Plants for Hurt Landscapes, Laurence Aëgerter

Greetings from the Cornbelts, Claire Pentecost, 107.51

The Gold Coast Archive (Survival Map), Steve Rowell, Z16.22

FESPA Digital/Fruit Logistica, Wolfgang Tillmans, 110.1

Defective Carrots, Tim Smyth, 98.19

Seeds: On the Origin of Food Crops, Jos Jansen, 91.71

An Exquisite Future, Susanne Allen, Sarah Matthews, Amy Nichols, Sarah Denslow, Krista Sharp, Julie Sheah; Sarah McDermott, RA 2.748


Healing Plants for Hurt Landscapes (cover), Laurence Aëgerter

Heresies #13 Feminism & Ecology (scan), RA 2.593

A Nuclear Atlas, Sharon Gilbert, 100.6 (Storage)

Sixth Mass Extinction, Inés Estrada

Radioactive: A Tale of Love and Fallout, Lauren Redniss, 101.21 (Storage)

Travel Guide for 2000-2046, Huang Yong Ping (scan), 3.96

Life Extreme: An Illustrated Guide to New Life, Eduardo Kac & Avital Ronell (scan), 109.60

Land & Animal & Nonanimal, Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin (scan), 58.12

See Satellite Library:

Heresies #13 Feminism & EcologyRA 2.593

Travel Guide for 2000-2046, Huang Yong Ping, 3.96

Life Extreme: An Illustrated Guide to New Life, Eduardo Kac & Avital Ronell, 109.60

Land & Animal & Nonanimal, Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, 58.12

Environmentally Friendly Postcards, Marlys Caceres, 104.38

Ray, Susanne Kriemann, 3.66

Three Movements: a conversation about living with Fukushima, Marianna Maruyama, 123.2

Letters from Utopia, Daan Paans, 72.22

Case 4


Echo-logy, Allan Kaprow, RA 2.583

Winter Aesthetic, John Stevens

One in Woods, John Stevens

Spheres (What do you think of Nature and Technology?), Melanie Bonajo (scan), 63.27

Observations of Foreign Objects in a Remote Town, Benjamin Freedman, RA 2.752


A Field Guide to Snow and Ice, Paula McCartney, 87.3


Walk Like a Glacier, Miguel Sbastida (scan)

Vinegar Stones, Sophie Nys, 130.31

Magic, KangHee Kim, 40.19

Preparing to Welcome the Chthulucene, Agustina Zegers, 40.6

Hunt & Gather, Terraria, Wawi Navarroza (scan), 14.45

Jacobsville, Sarah Darnell, 121.85

How Plants Taste in my Neighborhood, Forest Jove 

See Satellite Library:

Spheres, Melanie Bonajo63.27

Walk Like a Glacier, Miguel Sbastida 

Hunt & Gather, Terraria, Wawi Navarroza, 14.45

composite stoke where, Bert Geyer

Matrix Botanica, Melanie Bonajo, 40.45

Anthropozine, Andrew Yang, Zine 8.90

seductivness the which issued by the whole person, Quercus veluntia (translated by  Lindsey French), 125.60

The Four Year War at Gombe, Alison Ruttan, 62.17

Grace Machine, Bec Hac

Satellite Library Reference Stack

World of Matter, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, ABR N6498.E26 W67 2015

Ghost Nature
, Green Lantern Press, ABR/REF N7650 .G56 2014

Imperceptibly and Slowly Opening
, Green Lantern Press, ABR/REF N7650 .I447 2016

Placing the Golden Spike: Landscapes of the Anthropocene
, INOVA, ABR N6494.E6 P58 2015

Grain Vapor Ray: Textures of the Anthropocene
, HKW, ABR BD450 .T484 2015

In The Holocene
, MIT List Center, ABR N6497 .I58 2014

Speculations : ("the future is ______")
, Triple Canopy, ABR/REF CB161 .T75 2015 

The age of earthquakes : a guide to the extreme present
, Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist, ABR/REF HM851 .B3789 2015

Sound Station

Kuntur Ko (water condor) : alba del habla, dawn of speech, Cecilia Vicuña, Z100.42

Waterways, Dan Peterman, Z100.84

Before the Sun : Late Culture in the American Bottom, Karthik Pandian, Z100.23

I've got you under my skin, Troy Briggs, Z300.1 

Stories in Reserve, Sarah Kanouse, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel & Sarah Ross, 118.66 


April 26th - Gorillas, Capitalism, and the Nature of Nature: Haraway on Primate Media

April 27th - Lunchtime Listening: "Kuntur Ko : alba del habla" by Cecilia Vicuña

May 4th - on Kalaf Asav on Jainism

May 5th - Warm Data: a symposium by students in The Future is Now: The Anthropocene taught by Jeremy Bolen + Andrew Yang

Sector 2337 (2337 N Milwaukee Ave)

Warm Data is the display of quantitative data in a qualitative dialogue. Warm Data acts as an attempt to make what we currently perceive as cold analytical fact into something more emotionally obtainable. Cold data (numbers, statistics, generalized trends, etc.) is sometimes viewed as too objective to the point the we have lost the intimacy behind what we are trying to comprehend and why. We have become alienated from what we are looking at and subsequently lack the fundamental humanistic quality that allows us to truly connect with the space we inhabit on a more complex level. Warm Data acts as a point of accessibility for self-reflection based on the way information is presented to us to allow for a more tangible and immediate experience. 

May 9th - 98% Air: Symbolic Limits of the Natural and Artificial

May 10th - 
Exercises in Receptivity: Solar Works by Kamau Patton & Lindsey French

May 11th - Lunchtime Listening: "Before the Sun : Late Culture in the American Bottom" by Karthik Pandian


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