Curious Cinema: Fall 2015 Program


Curious Cinema: Fall 2015 Program


Carolyn Faber


In celebration of the School’s 150th birthday all Curious Cinema screenings this year will feature works by SAIC alumni and faculty (past and present). Join us at the Flaxman Library for these rarely screened films from our 16mm print collection.

Table Of Contents

September 9th

At Maxwell Street (1984) - Tom Palazzolo
New School Dedication (1976) - Tom Palazzolo

October 7th

The Street (1997) - Dima Adib El-Horr
Former Prairie (1978) - Deborah Meehan
Happy are the Happy (1999) - Jenny Perlin and Sarah Jane Lapp

November 4th 

Cooperation of Parts (1987) - Dan Eisenberg

December 2nd

Chicago River Landscape (1977) - Tom Franzen
In Living Memory (1976) - Michael Guccione
Seven of Worlds (1994) - Erin Sax
3 x 3 (1974) - Nancy Mandowa
Emily Running (1976) - Byron Grush

All films are part of the 16mm Film Study Collection in Flaxman Library Special Collections.


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