Curious Cinema: Spring 2016 Program


Curious Cinema: Spring 2016 Program


Carolyn Faber


In celebration of the School’s 150th birthday all Curious Cinema screenings this year will feature works by SAIC alumni and faculty (past and present). Join us at the Flaxman Library for these rarely screened films from our 16mm print collection.

Table Of Contents

February 3rd

"Frisch" by Karin Hoerler 
2.5 min. | sound |color | 1987

Animated film made up of abstract images drawn directly on film frames.

"Inside Out" by Nora Jacobson 
5 min. |sound | color | 1978

An experimental film utilizing superimposition of images (inside and outside shots, live action and graphics, varying exposures, etc.) edited together into a surrealistically jumbled whole.

"Cycles" by Zeinabu Davis 
17 min. | sound | b&w |1989

Rasheeda Allen is waiting for her period, a state of anticipation familiar to all women. Drawing on Caribbean folklore, this exuberant experimental drama uses animation and live action to discover a film language unique to African American women. The multilayered soundtrack combines a chorus of women's voices with the music of Africa and the diaspora-including Miriam Makeba, acappella singers from Haiti and trumpetiste Clora Bryant.

"I have Never Been Far From the Face of the Earth" by Hollie Lavenstein 
4.5 min. | Sound | Color | 1991

Cut-out animation of heads and faces and the title phrase, letter by letter.

"Freddie finds happiness; or, Finding the right bounce ; or, Drunk & punks ; or, Side or serve ; or, The path toward sainthood" by Marille Hahne et al. 
12 min. | sound | b&w | 1980

An experimental film set in Chicago. "This film is a collaborative piece. All components are original except for the text of the male voice which was taken from John Cage's "Silence." The film was partially funded by the student union of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago"


March 2nd

"Edge Forces" by Bruce Wood 
11min | silent | b&w | 1976

An abstract collage of rapid nebulous forms and calligraphic lines. The frame is used as a canvas for thousands of fleeting images that try to expand beyond its confines. Viewers are compelled to either comprehend the dynamic flow of the images or to make free subjective associations with them.

"House: Portraiture" by Elliot Caplan 
10 min | silent | color | 1977

A house is seen from a variety of angles and perspectives, interspersed with other images (pillars--a ruined classical structure?, a wall, bits of sky seen through tree branches, rocks in a body of water, a bit of black and white line animation). Images are interspersed with relatively long sequences of blank, black film, which makes them appear to flicker intermittently on the screen.

"Angular Momentum" by Bill Brand 
20 min | sound | color | 1973 

Split screen with abrasive marks explores various color combinations with a soundtrack of abrasive white noise, changing gradually to tone harmonics, to silence.

April 6th

"Roseblood" by Sharon Couzin
7.5 min | sound | color | 1973-74

Presents images of a woman in a variety of poses, attitudes, and settings, designed to stimulate thoughts and feelings about the nature of woman and her relationship to the world.

"Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by Chris Sullivan 
26 min | sound | color | 1992

This film is about an inner city priest whose congregation has dwindled down to near nothing. Forcing him to seek another niche in his late life, as his present context collapses around him. This film is about the disenfranchisement of the aged in our American world, and the ways in which insanity and paranoia are particularly likely when people are pushed to desolation, abandonment and persecution, in a very real way. The film is drawn animation on paper and hand painted, over 15,000 individual cells were used in the production of this film. 

"Errata" by Alexander Stewart 
7 min | sound | color | 2005

Errata is an animation made by photocopying copies of copies. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, each successive copy becomes a frame of animation, meaning that each on-screen image is a copy of the last. All movements, pans and zooms in the film were accomplished using standard zoom and shrink features on copy machines; the animation camera used to shoot the copies onto 16mm film was not used to manipulate or direct the film's motion. Comprising thousands of copies made on a dozen copiers, the resulting imagery is a moving Rorschach test of analog textures, bleeding ink spots and pareidolic cloud formations.

May 4th

"Confederation Park" by Bill Brown 
32 min | sound | color | 1999

Brown travels across Canada to explore the meaning of this country's drive to simultaneously shatter and draw itself together. Filming unforgettable moments in St. John's, Regina, Montreal and Vancouver, Brown manages to capture the tone of a traveler excited about his destination as well as confused by its nature.

"Figures in the Landscape" by Thomas Comerford 
13 min | sound | color | 2002 

"Grainy, undefined images shot with a pinhole camera accompany recitations of texts tracing the history of suburban housing from the rudimentary dwellings of Native Americans and the early settlers. An inquiry into human interaction with the landscape and notions of land development."

All films are part of the 16mm Film Study Collection in Flaxman Library Special Collections. 


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