Lunchtime Listening: Spring 2017 Program


Lunchtime Listening: Spring 2017 Program


Weekly, Thursdays from 12pm - 1pm


Every Thursday we play a different program of sound works from our collection of artists’ recordings spanning the 1960s to the present. Come join us as we make space for collective listening!

Table Of Contents

February 2nd

Thoughts on Meaningless Political Action
, LTTR, 2400.7 

"Thoughts on Meaningless Political Action" by LTTR (2003) & "Future Soundtrack for America" by McSweeney's (2004) because dark times call for dark tunes... Come listen as we remind ourselves how to voice our displeasure.

February 9th

Certain Blacks
, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Z100.8

“Certain Blacks” by the Art Ensemble of Chicago (1976) ~ radical avant-garde jazz on vinyl. Side one: “Do What They Wanna” Side two: One for Jarman, Bye Bye Baby

February 16th + 23rd

Black Utopia
, Cauleen Smith, Z100.31

“Black Utopia” by Cauleen Smith is a double LP of Sun Ra rehearsals and lectures; recordings that Smith made over the course of her two-year residency in Chicago alongside materials found in the Sun Ra archive at Experimental Sound Studio.

March 2nd

Tellus: the audio cassette magazine #5 & #6,
RA 2.643

TELLUS was created in 1983 at the Rum Runner Bar on Canal Street in New York City. Joseph Nechvatal, a visual artist, Claudia Gould, a curator and Carol Parkinson, a composer and staff member of Harvestworks/Studio PASS met to discuss the idea of a magazine on cassette which would feature interesting and challenging sound works. Tellus championed the audio work of women and gay artists, something that was very much needed at the time in the machismo-tinged experimental music scene.

March 16th 

Yo Soy Tu Hermano with guest curator Kamau Patton

Kamau Patton (Assistant Professor, VCS) presents selections from a collection of cassette tape recordings focused on Mexican American empowerment, workers rights, civil rights, Chicano cultural heritage, social consciousness and political activism. The tapes include recordings of community meetings, workshops, speeches, traditional songs and poetry.

March 30th

Alumni Spotlight: Be Good, Cross Record, Z100.58

Be Good is the first full length LP by Cross Record, comprised of Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski. Vocals are accompanied by strings, clarinet, flute, steel drum, bells, tape distortion and other instruments. Recorded and engineered by Theo Karon. Released by "Lay Flat" a periodic journal devoted to contemporary photography in which each issue takes on a new theme and format. In conjunction with the 3rd Annual Student Work Review Marathon.

April 6th 

Stage Presence: Behave Like an Audience, Z200.1 and Claps / Applause, Z100.3

"Behave like an Audience" includes lyrics by Guy Ben-Ner, Mariana Castillo Deball, Dexter Sinister, Patricia Esquivias, Sharon Hayes, Hassan Khan, and Michael Portnoy; "Claps / Applause" by Michael Bell-Smith was created from 911 audio samples of "claps" and one audio sample of "applause."

April 13th 

Between stations: sound collages for Sonic Fabric, Alyce Santoro, 63.8

"Sonic Fabric is an audible textile woven from 50% recorded, repurposed audiocasette tape and 50% colored thread. The tape used in the weaving process is recorded with audio collages. All of the tracks contained on this CD were composed by layering and looping original collected, found, and homemade sounds and music to create a literal 'sonic fabric'." In conjunction with Text/ile

April 20th 

Techno-meditation: sha•man, S&M, Z200.5 and Hard Drives for Days, Michael Stickrod & Michel Auder, Z300.9

"sha•man" is a collaboration between photographer Sanna Charles and musician Mark Wagner (S&M), featuring a book of duotone and 4 color process photos of landscapes, nature, and man-made totems and a vinyl record of improvised acoustic music. "Hard Drives for Days" is a 7” vinyl record of electronic and acoustic tracks meditating on astral and corporeal bodies. In conjunction with Visualizing Queer Heresies.  

April 27th

Kuntur Ko : alba del habla, Cecilia Vicuña, Z100.42

"Kuntur Ko (water condor): Alba del Habla, Dawn of Speech" is a collection of poems and chants by Cecilia Vicuna for the spirit of water composed in response to the destruction of glaciers in Chile. In conjunction with Post/Natural.

May 4th

on Kalaf Asav on Jainism with guest artist Falak Vasa

Rare documents of the famed but elusive Jain Mythological Performance Artist, Kalaf Asav, have been found. Come (un)see/hear/smell/feel/taste to/and experience these f(uture)archives and p(ast)archives. In conjunction with Post/Natural.

May 11th

Before the Sun, Karthik Pandian, Z100.23 

"Before the Sun : Late Culture in the American Bottom" explores the relationship between architecture and archaeology and the solar unconscious that has conditioned the emergence of both disciplines in the Midwest. A 12" vinyl record with contributions by Eric D. Clark, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Pandian. The album insert features texts by poet Amy Gerstler, artist Barry MacGregor Johnston, philosopher Jason E. Smith, and anthropologist Michael Taussig. In conjunction with Post/Natural.




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