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Bibliodérive is the application of the Situationist International practice of the dérive or “drift” reapplied to the realm of research, libraries and archives. The Flaxman Library bibliodérive is a collection of generative, open-ended actions, or…

Fleming, Hindle, Stiglicz, Gatten_Left Handed Memories.jpg
Join us at the Flaxman Library for a series of loosely-programmed screenings from our extraordinary 16mm print collection. We have nearly 700 titles by filmmakers from around the globe, reflecting the School’s commitment to film as an art form. A…

CuriousCinema_Oct 7th_Happy are the Happy.jpg
In celebration of the School’s 150th birthday all Curious Cinema screenings this year will feature works by SAIC alumni and faculty (past and present). Join us at the Flaxman Library for these rarely screened films from our 16mm print collection.

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Rafaël Rozendaal will give an artist talk in conjunction with the exhibition "at least i tried" presented by The Stolbun Collection. Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. His websites attract a large audience of over 30…

Sleeping with Plants | Golden Chalice and Bronzed Mirrors: an inquiry into the nature of intimacy, skin and scentA performance/lecture by Elena Ailes (MAVCS 2016). Solandra grandiflora, a psychotropic vine in the Solanaceae family, commonly known as…

Flaxman Lunch Lectures_L.pdf
Flaxman Library Special Collections held a week of lunchtime lectures celebrating the contributions of SAIC faculty to artists’ publishing and critical discourse. Lecturers include: Bruce Jenkins, Nathanaël and Chantal Neveu, and James Hugunin.
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