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A Reading and conversation with Aditi Machado about her book Some Beheadings. Organized by Nathanaël and co-sponsored by Liberal Arts and Visual and Critical Studies. Aditi Machado is a poet, translator, and editor. She is the author of Some…

Akili Tommasino_Print Poster.pdf
Art historian and curator Akili Tommasino shares the intriguing history of a collection of Black Panther Party newspapers and ephemera. He discusses the possibilities of their presentation and interpretation in a variety of contexts. Organized by…

CuriousCinema_Poster (3).pdf
In celebration of the School’s 150th birthday all Curious Cinema screenings this year will feature works by SAIC alumni and faculty (past and present). Join us at the Flaxman Library for these rarely screened films from our 16mm print collection.

jonCates_Engines Near_W.pdf
In 2016, The Chicago Film Archives invited and commissioned jonCates to create a new work that draws from the materials of the archive. Collaborating with Jeff Kolar, Cates created a new work entitled The Engine’s Near is Unconstructed. In 1984, a…

Kamau Patton (Assistant Professor, VCS) presents excerpts of recordings from the Nation of Gods and Earths, commonly known as the Five Percent Nation or the Five Percenters, an African American social and religious movement founded in Harlem in the…

rules of conduct.jpg
Rules of Conduct is an online collaboration between SAIC MFA Alumni Katya Grokhovsky and Luis Mejico (BFA 2017). The pair exchanged commands on a weekly basis over the course of a month. Ranging from whimsical and humorous to taxing and cruel, the…

Lunchtime Listening_October-September Program.pdf
Every Thursday we play a different program of sound works from our collection of artists’ recordings spanning the 1960s to the present. Come join us as we make space for collective listening!Lunchtime Listening was launched in Fall 2016.…

Two lectures: Lindsay Hutchens: "(M)other" and Emel Thomson: "Speak White, the Politics of Language and Metaphors" as part of the Spring 2016 Masters of Visual andCritical Studies graduate lecture series.

Spinning the Butter.jpg
Students of Beau O’Reilly present their work. Readers include: Cc Swan, Celeste Morton, Claire Smith, Malika Bukhari, Tim Bungeroth, Rui Carlos da Cunha, David Hale, and Doro Boehme.
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