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Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s essay, “The Irreal Object” (1940), this exhibition considers the capacity of art objects to open up the imagination. Rather than the artwork being the object of the gaze, the “real” exhibition will be what is seen in…

SAIC, one of the world's leading schools of art and design, seeks to explore the ways in which culture has produced ideas and images of representation and identity and to discuss how artists and scholars can use their platform to change what have…

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A celebration of works by SAIC alumni and faculty in the JFABC!

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Presented by The Stolbun Collection, "at least i tried" is a site-specific installation of Rozendaal's recent haiku wall paintings in the Flaxman Library Special Collections, 37 S. Wabash, 5th Floor. Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet…

Photo/Sculpture: Objects, Spaces, and Places in Reproduction presents publications from the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection by and about artists who exploit or complicate the slippery relationship between sculpture and photography. Historically,…

Corresponding with Art Bash, sketchbooks from Lee Blalock and Pablo Garcia's Core Studio class will be on view in the Flaxman Special Collections Reading Room (Sharp 508) from April 10th - 25th during regular open hours.

The Kiss Show - full of mail art kisses from around the world - opened on Valentine's Day 1991 at the Mexic-Arte Museum of Art in Austin, Texas. The show was hung with the mail art stapled to red ribbons that fluttered around the room. The opening…


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New Moon developed out of a personal interest in the cycles of the moon and the effects (real or symbolic) that it has on the planet, body, and mind. The New Moon--the time of the month when the moon passes in between the earth and the sun and…
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