2018 Exhibitions


2018 Exhibitions

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Fisting the Flasch
Fisting the Flasch is a collection of self-reflexive materials concerning the presence of the human imprint in the archive. Beyond the value of its contents, the imprinted book emerges as an animal with its own proclivities and quirks. To encounter…

No Future: A Memorial
Members of the SAIC community are invited to bring written and/or printed work to the Flaxman Library Special Collections Reading Room, where it will be available for general perusal before being ceremonially cremated by John A. Stevens (MAVCS 2018)…

Advanced Artists' Books Display Case Show
Myungah Hyon's Advanced Artists' Books class in the SAIC Printmedia Department presents their work from over the course of the semester.

Dreams So Real
This satellite library focuses on dreams, dreaming, and dreamlike states. The selected works either directly reference dreams and similar states of consciousness, or have about them a gently uncanny or dreamlike quality.

Book = Book
In this decidedly post-medium moment, we look back in this exhibition on the artist book qua book. Our selections play with the book as a medium, as material, and as a structure. This play is a serious contemplation of the page, of pagination,…

This exhibition presents three thematic threads from Oscar Arriola’s zine collection: 1) graffiti, 2) train monikers, and 3) the work of Edie Fake.  1) In the pre-internet days of the early 90's zines served as an underground conduit of information…
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