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Scott Rettberg is associate professor of humanistic informatics in the department of linguistic, literary, and aesthetic studies at the University of Bergen, Norway. Rettberg is the author or coauthor of works of electronic literature including The…

Work by: Sarajane Avidon, Maria Burke, Donia Conn, Kerri Cushman, Lesa Dowd, Benjamin Chandler, Jill Reinhold Jarom, Julie Fair, Cynthia Fields-Belanger, Picasso Gaglione, Kathleen Garness, Karen Hanmer, Robert Hanmer, Sherryl Keyes, Eileen Madden,…

Former SAIC faculty member David Grubbs and poet Susan Howe will discuss their recent collaborative work "Songs of the Labadie Tract" in the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection on November 15, 2007. "Songs of the Labadie Tract" is the second…

Featuring: A. Harriman, Caitlin Schriner, David William Cook, David Temchulla, Elizabeth Longo, Emily Williams, Faith Newton, Fionnuala Grace, Jared Larson, Jiekai Liao, Jennifer Crone, Kevin Ryan, Lika Lopez De Victoria, Marco Torres, Marit Rogne,…

Work by: George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Ben Vautier, Mieko Shiomi, Geoff Hendricks, Rudolf Rieser, Larry Miller, Jud Fine, Frank Anderson, Herman Braun, Wolfgang Feelish, Yoko Ono, and others.

An exhibition of new acquisitions to the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection.

Books that incorporate sound recordings.

Gerry Badger, Doro Boehme, Stephen Daiter, John Gossage, and David Tippit discuss photobooks with moderator Paul Berlanga.

An addendum to the First Columbia Biennial Exhibition was held in the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.

An exhibition of digitally printed artists' books designed by students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Digital Imaging Instructor Jan Ballard (visiting artist).
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