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There is an inherent relationship between handmade books which are sewn using fibers, sometimes on chords, and the sewing of garments. In addition to this extrinsic relationship, paper is itself a fiber. Text/ile examines the history of imparting…

Queer Heresies 2.pdf
Visualizing Queer Heresies brings together visual works and ephemera surrounding the themes of witchcraft, queerness, and the disruption of indigenous spiritualities as a result of European colonization. The exhibition showcases works that excavate…

Advanced Artists Books Display Case Show 7.pdf
Myungah Hyon's Advanced Artists' Books class in the Printmedia Department presents their work. 

Within the Portfolio_Print Poster.pdf
Works by students and faculty spanning almost 50 years offer a glimpse into how SAIC’s Photography department has grown over time.

Selected photographs from the 1968 - 2016 portfolio boxes were on view in the 5th floor display cases. Throughout…

Myungah Hyon's Advanced Artists' Books class in the SAIC Printmedia Department presents their work from over the course of the semester.

Students exhibiting include: Liana Jegers, Joshua Slater, Yuchen Ghang, Jennifer Yung, Dana West, Yesenia…

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