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Books often exist as relatively autonomous art objects, detached from the bodies who made them. The Book, Embodied explores how artist publications insert or make reference to corporeality - whether through investigations of health and illness,…

Typographic style for the page and that for the screen has been an ongoing conversation, with high priority given to the digital. Type and wordsetting are idealized for rapid repetition, reproduction, and accessibility of form; if not that, then it…

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What defines an artists’ record? Is it the distinction between music and sound, between mainstream and experimental? The answer is perhaps as nebulous as any sub-genre within artists’ publishing. Our record collection includes experimental jazz and…

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This year's exhibition features works from the archive of Don Boyd, curated by Keith Buchholz. Don Boyd served as the Director of the Fluxus West art movement and passed away on October 3rd, 2015.




If you're familiar with the story-telling extravaganzas of the British Albert Smith, of how he scaled Mt. Blanc with a thousand porters and with a champagne dinner at every rest, then surely you can appreciate a good tale. This is a narrator's tale…

SAIC’s most distinguished faculty read some of their very worst writing. Following each reading, the reader will give a short talk on their selection: how it was chosen, why it was chosen, what can be learned, and what’s to be done with what cannot…

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The reach and effect of zines has resonated across diverse audiences of like-minded people. Selfpublishing, in the form of a zine, has the potential to incite change and spark conversation around any subject. Whether one is interested in science…
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