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Advanced Artists Books Display Case Show 7.pdf
Myungah Hyon's Advanced Artists' Books class in the Printmedia Department presents their work. 

ON DISPLAY_Horizontal_2.pdf
Some artists’ books are easier to display in glass display cases than others. One can install, say, an accordion book behind glass so that its beholder can experience it without much limitation. However, codex books—those that are bound around a…

Autobiography_poster_MMM-LH_draft02 (1).jpg
Recognizing the poignancy of the second-wave feminist concept “personal as political,” graduate students Lindsay Hutchens and Michelle Marie Murphy began their collaborative research at the Joan Flasch Artists’ Books Collection in the Spring of…

Homonym Satellite Library.pdf
homonym is an interdisciplinary journal for literature and art that engages multiple languages or translation, literally or conceptually. In conjunction with the launch of the first issue, Flaxman Library hosted an exhibition of multilingual…
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